Philology Congress Tribute A3 Poster Design

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I am seeking a creative designer to conceive a tribute poster for a Philology congress. The design should merge elements of language, literature, as well as the cultural aspects of Italy and Spain.

• Key Elements: Other than Italy and Spain related elements, the poster must also display a photograph, which should be converted into a sketch or drawing, of the honored professor. This portrayal should avoid an overloaded look.

• Style Considerations: I'm looking for a design that can skilfully convey the academic and cultural characteristics of the congress without being overly busy or complex.

Pretitle: "Congreso Internacional"
Title: "Italia y España: una pasión intelectual"
Subtitle: "Homenaje al profesor Vicente González"
Location: Facultad de Filología de la Universidad de Salamanca
Dates: 9-10 de mayo de 2024.
Organizer: Facultad de Filología - Universidad de Salamanca

Ideal candidates will possess strong skills and experience in graphic design, particularly with poster design that integrates converted photo sketches. Work must be done preferably in Photoshop or InDesign (needs to be provided).

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“He did a very nice and professional design and provided me with everything I needed. He was always available to make changes and the ones I asked for, he executed to perfection. Very friendly and polite. Highly recommended.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ armandbechard, Spain.

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