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This project might not have a winner. Since poetry is ambiguous, The cup can be given to one person with payment and others can be paid also. I will do a deposit here to ensure everyone beleives, I'm telling the truth. I'm usually looking for relaxing poetry which is suitable to audiences of all ages.

To make sure everyone has a fair chance, the time will be indefinite and it can take long as one month or more to select the winner. Multiple submissions are allowed. However , please give me time to rate and evaluate. If you highlight or use markers and do not win , it will not be our loss. I will take time to judge each poetry individually regardless of whether it has been highlighted or not.

The poetry SHOULD use my poems and videos from my Youtube channel OR the text document I'm attaching with this email. You can add any kind of effects its up to you. Please do not spend too much money or too much time on this as I may not be able to pay you fully according to the amount of effort you put. This is because of my low budget. However, more payments can be sent monthly or anually according to your effort.

Files are attached to guide you. Avoid contacting me as too many messages can lead you being penalized in this contest or entry can be withdrawn. Also remember , guarantee green label may be given freely be freelancer.com.

There is no discrimination on age , gender , time or any physical characteristic as well as the country you are from. Every content is written by me and I did not copyright. Full credit is given to those parties or individuals who deserve it.

This is a fun cointest and is not being used for any educational institution. I am not enrolled at any educational institute.

Youtube links to guide you :

Remember I'm on a low budget , this is not a one day contest and your work may be used to help poor children or be distributed for free.

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