Preliminary pencil line-art sketch

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  • Giải thưởng: $100
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  • Người chiến thắng: LinneaM

Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Winner gets $100.00 for what I'm asking for.

Looking for a preliminary pencil line-art sketch only but very clean and precise.

I am looking for a new bull nose cattle but this time leaving out the ring around the bull nose. I do not want the ring around the bull nostrils at all.

I have hired 6 Illustrator ai. Vector artist to recreate the entire logo artwork looking for the right bull nose and have had no such luck at all and lost out series payments.

I am looking for a professional bull nose that does not look cartoonish, evil, or just plain ugly. This artwork you’re seeing is a logo for a business front cover dinner menu. As you can clearly see it is a beautiful piece of art but with a terrible looking bull nose for the logo artwork.

I am looking for a western artist to recreate the bull nose who can complete a million dollar look for a very classy high-end restaurant. Maybe the bull nose doesn’t necessarily have to look like a bull nose but just as long as the new creative artwork blends into the overall logo artwork and making since of what you’re seeing when recreating the art for the new bull nose snout.


I will announce the winner on Tuesday PM hours the 27th of February 2018. Keep in mind I'm not looking for an exact bull nostrils appearance. Just a fill in to appear to look somewhat like a nostrils but yet more on the same art design as the overall logo of my sample I have given you. Use your imagination. Art always has more then one meanings.


It's now Monday the 27th of 2018 & my time is 12:20 AM Central Time Zone. I will now announce the winner.

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“Linnea M. is a beautiful design artist. I truly recommend her to everyone. ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ Rib58, United States.

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  • laramesanza
    • cách đây 9 tháng

    hey there, i think this is a really cool project but i just wanted to clarify some details. Firstly, do you want to leave the rest of the " logo " untouched ( keep the embelished floral frame and just subtely change the bull nose ) or do you want us to completely recreate the logo with a classic western feel? ( totally from scratch) if so, do you have any other images for us to go off? ( other types and styles of frames, or pictures similar to what you are looking for?) cheers!

    • cách đây 9 tháng
    1. Rib58
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 9 tháng

      3 of 4
      And yes you will have to create a short distant ground level western image surrounding him. His jeans is to look worn out from being a hardworking man over his entire years. Shirt is tucked in and also worn out like his jeans he is wearing. And let’s not to forget about his cowboy hat. Also without out his cowboy hat so I have the option of picking out the art piece I like.

      • cách đây 9 tháng
    2. Rib58
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 9 tháng

      4 of 4
      Now to be honest with you I have no image for you to have except what the old cowboy is caring over his one shoulder. This would be done with pencil drawings or line-artworks that has to be very clear & sharp edges and nothing more. Then I will take the art piece and hire another artist to convert it into ai. vector format. Color is to be black & white with lots of gradients. Does this give you an idea of what the ball park cost would be?

      • cách đây 9 tháng
  • neotrix777
    • cách đây 9 tháng

    can you upload this artwork in AI or EPS !

    • cách đây 9 tháng

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