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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I need a mock up for a professional corporate website that revamp the current website.

It is a factory that manufacture stationary, prototypes, molding, filling, slitting, printing, assembly and packaging.

Estimated Deliverables:
- Design Mockups in PSD files for Home Page
- Not involving any copyrighted font, photos, images, and graphics
- Provide the original source link for the photos, images and graphics used.

Key Design Ideas:
- Attractive, formal, modern clean, bright color, and involve few rainbow color.
- Emphasize on the products
- Utilize the resources from existing website
- Clean design which involve #09963f and #3063af
- Include rainbow color if possible

Client suggested to refer to the following website:

Please check the attachment for the detailed instructions and content that are required to be included.

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“Very good work”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ choohan2002, Malaysia.

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  • sathiakter3401
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    Please check my entry number #32

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    please check #31

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  • tobar3522
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    developers know what figma is and they know got to deal with it. Figma is the best software to deisgn interfaces, mockups, applications, web apps and more

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  • tobar3522
    • cách đây 5 tháng

    do i use figma insted?

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  • tobar3522
    • cách đây 5 tháng

    I could do better... I could do designs with figma not Photoshop.

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