Projetar a flyer/brochure/table tent for fidz

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Hello everyone
fidz is a start-up in digital fidelity branch.
We have a tablet in checking out the shops, where people record their visit to accumulate points and exchange them for prizes.

We need a brochure with two faces, one with product information to the store owner and the other with directions to the customer.
*** The content must be in portuguese.
DIMENSIONS: height 28 cm x width 22 cm

1) The initial face, with information for the store owner must contain:
<Fidz logo>
The importance of customer loyalty: / A importância de fidelizar os clientes:
a) Loyal customers return to the store, increasing the turnover of the store; / a) Clientes fiéis retornam à loja, aumentando o faturamento da loja;
b) Loyal customers are happier, promoting your brand without charging for it; / b) Clientes fiéis são mais felizes, divulgando sua marca sem cobrar por isso;
c) You know your customer, relating much better and on time! / c) Você conhecerá seu cliente, se relacionando muito melhor e na hora certa!

What is included? / O que está incluso?
- Fidz system for customers register their visits <picture [login to view URL]> / - Sistema fidz para os clientes registrarem suas visitas <picture [login to view URL]>
- System to monitor the shopkeeper <[login to view URL]> / - Sistema para acompanhamento do lojista <[login to view URL]>
- Tablet (optional) / - Tablet (opcional)
- Training and support / - Treinamento e suporte

Contact: / Entre em contato:
[login to view URL]
contato@[login to view URL]
(11) 9 6584 6112

2) The other side, with information for the end customer.
<Fidz logo>
You already know our loyalty program? / Você já conhece nosso programa de fidelidade?
Start earning rewards now! / Comece a ganhar prêmios já!
Step 1) Enter your Social Security number (no need to register before) / Passo 1) Digite seu CPF (não é necessário se cadastrar antes)
Step 2) Gather points visiting participating stores / Passo 2) Junte pontos visitando as lojas participantes
Step 3) Redeem your points for products! / Passo 3) Troque seus pontos por produtos!
See how easy? / Viu como é fácil?

This part needs to demonstrate the ease of use of the product and that it is advantageous for the customer.

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