Protein shake stand up pouch 500g Packaging S&F

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

We are looking for a design for a new product.
It s a stand up pouch with protein powder.
attached you can find a template to create the design
We also added a picture of a simular product so you have an idea how the product looks like when produced.
(This is a competitor for Female slimming and we want our desing to better than theirs)

- Our Brand is called Sport&Fitness Nutrition
- Logo is added in attachement

We are open minded for a out of the box design.

But here are some guidelines :
- Our product is used by man and woman (it s a protein shake powder)
- We are a clean brand, not body building related.
- "Protein" is important to be big
- The flavour must be very clear / picture of flavour
- we prefer white over black, or very extreme colorfull designs.
- Once the first design is approved, potentially 5 flavour variations may follow.
(same design - different flavour picture - different ingredient listing)
- Ingredient listings are attached. Please leave room in your design for 3 languages
- There must be space for a Barcode

=> Available flavours : Belgian chocolate - Cranberry Buttermilk - Cookies & Cream - Vanilla - white chocolate
=> Looking at the assortment in a store- colors used must identify clearly which product is which flavour.
=> customer group : 18 - 35 year
=> Branding : Millenial trendy (see also picture ben&jerrys)
Color full - emotional
=> Keep in mind : NOT body building
Big Female customer group
Try not to copy existing brands (make it a full new brand experience)
=> Keep the product Light ! it s a Slimming product.
=> Use the USP s : xx g per protein per portion // low sugar/fat etc...

Think outside the box with your desing, we see to many of the same.

- content : 500g / Pouch

- Make sure you add all the information to make sure that all neccesary info can fit on the pouch

- Company information must be on the packaging
Sport&Fitness Nutrition
Titus Bransmastraat 13
5111 VD Baarle Nassau
The Netherlands
[login to view URL]

- We would like to receive a proposal design on the template and also a visual how the product would look like

** Winner of this competition potentially will be working on scaling the assortment to an other 25 - 30 products in the next few months.

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