Radio App UI Design/Concepts

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Design UI concepts for a 6+ page radio app.
The project revolves around the “Main View” page. This is where the user will spend the most time.

I am open to ideas and your own interpretation but remember the following:
The app should be clean, but have consistent high-tech feel/theme
The app will mostly be used at night, so a dark theme or elements are preferred.
Should have a clean, native font.
There will be no ads on the app other than a logo on the loading screen.

Attached is my own concept in XD file, and a copy of the Livefeed logo.

Main View requirements:
- 2 volume sliders side by side.
- Volume/Decibel indicator
- Channel names
- Latency indicator
- Data usage counter
- Display Event, Team, and Location/Venue
- Display “Play” and/or “Stop” button. (No Pause)
- Share/Invite friend
- Connection time counter

Other pages:

- Loading page requirements:
- Livefeed Logo
- Livefeed slogan
- Sponsor Logo
- Text display “Connecting to server.. Etc”

Feed View:

- Display Live feeds in a list with the Competition, Event, Venue name and City fields.
- Display Live soon feeds in a list with the Competition, Event, Venue name and City fields.
- In the app these lists will be adaptive and will resize depending on the number of available feeds.

Settings/Menu View:
- Notifications On/Off
- Location
- Terms and Conditions
- Privacy Policy
- Premium access
- Server Status

Premium Access Pages
- Display 3 premium features
- Display 15min trial info
- Display Terms of use and privacy policy buttons

Deliverables are:
- Adobe XD or similar file
- PNG images of all main pages.

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