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“Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” (390-402)

1) Explain at least three examples of figurative language (i.e., similes, metaphors, analogies) that Edwards uses to persuade his audience.

2) What kind of God is imagined? Provide a descriptive characterization. (do not simply answer “angry”)

3) Which passages do you think might have instilled the most fear in Edwards’s audience and why? Choose at least two to explain with specific details.

4) How do you think Edwards’s speech might have helped the community?

Crevecoeur “From Letters from an American Farmer” [634-656] VOLUME A

Q1: What is Crevecoeur’s attitude toward America? How does he feel towards this place?

Q2: In his view, how does America differ from Europe?

Q3: What does Crevecoeur highlight as “new”?

Q4: What factors, new to America, shape citizens’ lives?

Q17: In your own opinion, how far is the United States from reaching its utopian ideals? What areas need to be most improved? How can the United States reach them?

Benjamin Franklin (see biography on 439-42)

*Note: In your responses, refer to particular examples, lines, passages, and specific words and phrases from the text. You may explore how a particular “phrase” or image represents a larger idea. Tease out the connotations of important words.

1.Explain the meaning of 3 important pieces of advice “Poor Richards Says.”

2.General Question: Do your parents or friends use clichés for advice? If so, what are these clichés and how do they apply to your life?

3.According to Poor Richard, what are some consequences of debt?

4.General Question: What are citizens of our society taught that they “need” to buy by the media? In other words, what “reasons” do some commercials use to persuade us that we “need” to buy their products?

Text: “Information to Those Who Would Remove to America” (456-62)

7.How does Europe differ from America?

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