Redesign an intermediate game screen

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My intermediate screen for a mobile game needs some design.
The game itself is not really important here, briefly: the player completes stations (that are actually resource mines to be harvested.)
The role of this intermediate screen is to connect the game stations... (somewhat similar role to the roadmap screen e.g. in Candy Crush) The player's roadmap however is _not_ strictly linear here, a choice is always offered where to go next. (i.e. the levels form a planar graph). The current implementation is a draft only.

The player navigates/selects the next station in first person perspective, but can switch to an above perspective to overview the entire map. The transition between the two views is continuous, the camera flies to the above perspective and back. Attached images show the current "first person", the "above" and the "in-transition" perspectives. (I have intentionally over-saturated to make the light bridges more visible on a static shot... not that ugly in the real game.)

Three worlds exist in the game, each having its own graph map with stations: Heaven, Hell and the in-between (Earth). (The screenshot depicts the Earth scenario... but I have only the Hell's sky texture yet, sry :-) )
Some stations serve as gates to the upper/lower worlds, this is also to be represented.

Feel free to creatively change anything/everything visually. What are only important: Have connected graph (looking good with all three types of worlds), represent connections between stations and toward upper/lower worlds, the stations should look somewhat better than my flat cylinders now. This should look good both from first person, and above perspective.

What I need:
- concept images how this graph "map" screen should look, and how the 3 world types could be represented.
- the textures, that I will need for reproducing your concept image in OpenGL.

I prefer wide angle camera view, to make the user feel the space... big distances. But anything is acceptable.
No real color preference either... but e.g. Heaven should feel Heaven, Hell like Hell.

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“He is absolutely professional, communicates perfectly, delivers exceptional quality. Beyond all these, he proactively fills the gaps in my own concepts and comes up new or improved ideas all the time.”

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