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First of all, the attached picture is just a sample of what can be done to make it look better and easier to navigate and make is user friendly. 2nd. Instead of writing "my experience" and "client experience" just put it in one and try to say one message for all. Also the wording and the explanations are not direct or clear enough therefor those can be changed. 3. Your home page is not so attractive at the moment, if someone new visits to your website, they wont have a clue what your website is about. so the home page needs a redone too. 4th. the footer have to be replaced with something different because it just does not look fit. Finally, I would say you need a whole website redesign. If you are interested please hire us. We have over 6 yrs or experience in website and graphic design. We promise we you will love working with us. Thanks

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                                         cho                                             redesign content area on 3 non-performing pages on our website
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    Thanks but we have specific goals - we will follow through with a more thorough redesign at a later time. For now we just want to redesign the 3 least performing pages

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