rendering 3D for Modern commercial island phone repairs.

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Modern commercial island

I want to rendering in 3D.

Overview: Furniture body in comercial
Principal object of activity: phones, accesories, repairs.
Activity and space desription: phone repairs, sale of phone cases, sale phones.

Description for furniture ansamble:
Material: wood + glass
Glass will be mounted on exterior face of furniture. Glass is like a background (who change de color) for elemets 2D.
On the glasses will be applyed 2D - plastic object like (maxim 10mm thickness) : tweezers, screwdriver, multimetre ....etc .
One of the sides will be one big phone (3D) at 2.5m hight, from plastic, and display must be one TV/monitor. ( like iphone 12 )

Print to ground: 2.5 x 4m
Maximum Height: 1.5m ( phone zone 2D)
Minim Height: 1m ( rest of island )

1. The design of assembly must show that in that zone the phones are repaired.
2. The space must be fenced on zones:
A. Zone( area ) for repair phone:
- one office for repairs with 2 chairs..
- it is necessary a minimum privacy to customers ( you can raise up furniture to 1.3m)
B: Zone ( area ) for showing up the accesories:
- is not allowed to showing up the accesories on the exterior sides of furniture (only in the interior).
- you can put the accessories at interior on slatwall profile.
C. Zone ( area ) for deposit: in drawer with height 24cm.
3. Another new ideea is welcomed.

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“Very very goood”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ cliviuv, Romania.

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  • nubelo_exAYuI8q
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    funny that what won has nothing of what was asked for in the proposal.

    • cách đây 1 tháng
    1. designindustria
      • cách đây 1 tháng

      Absolutely correct Daniel M. ! Lost time on this contest.

      • cách đây 1 tháng
  • blizak111
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    HI pls check #22 #21

    • cách đây 1 tháng
  • Rafiaqsa
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    How height is the ceiling? can i add some decoration in the ceiling?

    • cách đây 1 tháng
    1. Rafiaqsa
      • cách đây 1 tháng

      also can the customers interact with the big phone (maybe using a touch screen tv), or just to display something?

      • cách đây 1 tháng
    2. Rafiaqsa
      • cách đây 1 tháng

      and the C. Zone ( area ) for deposit, do you mean a cashier area?

      • cách đây 1 tháng
  • parkashtrivedi
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    • cách đây 1 tháng
  • ahmedkhijir
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    • cách đây 1 tháng
  • rashid78614
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