Script writer for social videos

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I am looking for someone to write me scripts that I can read in under 60 seconds that end up becoming "mini marketing documentaries / case studies" like these:

You would be tasked with researching & writing 7 scripts every week.

All of the scripts should be modeled after this guy's videos that go crazy viral on YouTube Shorts:

Please find 1 marketing topic and write one 60-second script (typically around 120 words) for your submission. The winner will get the reward for the contest and likely get the job of writing 7 a week for me, going forward :)

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  • Graphobite
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    Please check and rate entry no #73 . Your feedback can help me to improve

    • cách đây 1 tháng
  • Dynamiccrreator
    • cách đây 2 tháng

    Please check #70 and sent me a feedback

    • cách đây 2 tháng
  • Basestudios
    • cách đây 2 tháng

    Hi there! Please take a look at #63 . Thanks!

    • cách đây 2 tháng
  • Salim267
    • cách đây 2 tháng

    #54 Why Red bull`s tagline is “Red Bull gives you wiiings” not wings.

    • cách đây 2 tháng
  • Saifali22022080
    • cách đây 2 tháng

    Please See 38 No

    • cách đây 2 tháng
  • nempdxp
    • cách đây 2 tháng

    My script effectively communicates the importance of personalization in e-commerce and the benefits it can bring to a business. It emphasizes the value of understanding customer needs and preferences and using data and technology to create personalized experiences. The script also highlights the importance of excellent customer service and building personal relationships with customers. Overall, it presents a clear and compelling argument for why personalization is crucial for e-commerce businesses to stand out in a competitive landscape.

    • cách đây 2 tháng
  • nomirajpootana
    • cách đây 2 tháng

    I would love to make more scripts similar to the one I've entered above. Always felt intrigued by these enticing reels on social media and lowkey wanted to be a part of them.

    • cách đây 2 tháng

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