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Viper Hot Sauce

Project Overview: Looking for an original font for a hot sauce brand. The brand is centered on the concepts of intensity, heat and bold flavors, represented by a logo featuring a viper. The selected fonts will be used across a variety of brand materials including packaging, labels, promotional materials and digital assets. We aimed for the font to convey a sense of fierceness and intensity, in line with the spicy and bold nature of our product. I have tried to make a picture like this, hopefully it is like what you want.

Bài tham dự cuộc thi #89 cho                                                 Seeking an original font for a fierce hot sauce brand logo featuring a viper. Must convey intensity and boldness while maintaining legibility. Think fire, spice, and viper imagery.  - 15/02/2024 18:18 EST
Bài tham dự #89

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