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Ghost exists

I believe in ghosts very much as In America many ghostly events has occurred on railway stations, antiques store etc. After reading about all these stuffs I sometimes feel shivered that someone had gone past me .So Yes !! I believe in ghosts very much . These are some clips This ghost incident occurred in Connecticut America where a young couple got notifications that someone had knocked on their door many times .They had an app on their phone which used to give them notification that how many times someone has knocked their door. They initially thought that some prankster were there disturbing their family .This happened many times at night .So they decided to bring two sensor camera which will record the video in their house in night . They were shocked when they saw that someone had knocked the door many times reemerging after 2 hours again and again .The sensor camera also detected the footage of the clip . Also there was ghostly figure in the house which further shocked them.

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