Several image designs to assist with commentary

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Hi, I recently started a youtube channel that revolves around video games and anime coverage.
I had a rocky start with many issues, one being having subpar quality images.

I need help in designing 9 different images that will be used on several shows in a commentary styled fashion.
The purpose of the cover images is similar to an advert poster. “What will you be watching?”, “What episode is this on?” etc.
The purpose of the background images are mainly to convey information to the viewers and give them incentive to watch the video as oppose to just listening to it.

The list of shows is as followed:
- Anime Digest
- Visual Novel Cube (VN Cube)
- Industry Sitrep
- Weekly Weiss
- What I Thinks (WITs)

Think of each show as a project and contest in it and of itself. Aside from “WITs”, each show will need two designs: cover and background image.
“WITs” only requires a cover image.
For convenience purposes, information for each project are categorized in separate file documents alongside this introduction.
I will explain as best as possible what designs I’m seeking and images will be provided within their respective projects as a guideline references.

There is also a master copy available with all projects’ information.
Below are several clarifications and general requirements regarding the contest and designs respectively. Hopefully it answers all your questions.

- The actual prize pool is $450 - the prize of $50 only applies to ONE winning image.
For example, if you submitted a winning entry for “Anime Digest”, you will win a total of $100 for designing 2 images.

- There is no limit to the number of projects you can submt an image for.
One person can even win the entire $450 prize pool themself if the designs are superb.

- It would be preferable if you design both images of your chosen project (or one for WITs) just so the style is kept consistent.
It is also to avoid any missed opportunities that may occur.
For example, if I love your design choice on a particular cover and you didn’t submit anything for the background,
I may have to pass up choosing your work to avoid clashes with different styles.

- Dimensions must be 1920 x 1080

- Any information required on the image such as names, dates and episode needs to be editable under Photoshop. (A tad obvious, but just making sure)
When submitting your design, fill in all those details (sample words, anything) with your choice of font to complement the design. It’ll help me visualise how they will look in practice.

- If possible, maybe center your design around a theme or trait that is related to the show.
Anime styled characters for Anime Digest and VN Cube or an industrial video games theme for Industry Sitrep are some suggestions*

*This sounds great on paper but it really is up to you. As long your design fits the criteria, be creative or conservative. Your decision.
(My entire sample images don’t even have a theme, but that I think that’s just me having no skill)

Without further ado, please pick and choose what you would like to work on.
Thank you for your interest and I hope to see what everyone will surprise me with.

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“Extremely talented designer. Very responsive and flexible with design changes and simply fantastic. Would definitely hire again. Highly Recommended!.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ Yeokso, Australia.

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  • alejoriad
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    sounds pretty interesting, i will see the brief with clear eye later, probably sending my entry too!

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