Simple Asp Net MVC 5 App using Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL Server

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Web application using the MVC architecture that serves to process enrollments for courses in a school.

Unregistered users of the web application can search and view course offers by dates, and enroll for individual courses. When enrolling, they must enter name, surname, address, e-mail, telephone, etc.
On the other hand, school employees are used to review and process enrollments, and to enter and edit course offers. Employees log in to the app with a username and password.
All data will be stored in a MSSQL Server database that also needs to be created.

[login to view URL]

This is the home page / view that is loaded when the web application is launched. On it, anonymous users can search the course offer by date using the Search button. Course can be selected from the offered list using the Choose link, and after entering the contact information (name, surname, address, telephone ...) it can be sent for processing. By clicking on the Enroll button, the pre-order is saved in the database, in the Enrollment table.

[login to view URL]

The [login to view URL] view allows employees to log in to a protected part of the application. Also, in case the unregistered user selects from the Courses and Enrollments menu, it is necessary to automatically open this view for authentication. Clicking on the Login button checks the data entered in the Username and Password fields, and if these are the correct identification data of an employee, the user successfully logs in and redirects to the [login to view URL] or [login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL] view allows you to view and process course enrollments. Each enrollment should be processed by the employee in a way that gives it the status of "accepted" or "rejected".
Note: In order to find a certain enrollment more efficiently, it would be good to implement the possibility of displaying only unprocessed enrollments, and also accepted or non-accepted ones.

[login to view URL]

In the [login to view URL] view, it is possible to enter, edit and delete courses. For each Course, it must be visible how many enrolled participants there are. When an employee determines that the maximum number of participants in a particular course has been reached, then that course should be closed.

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