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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Hi everyone, I need a custom brand logo for my rolling smoking papers product. I've attatched a photo of how i roughly want it to look, but I just want yours to be more simple, aesthetic and just better. I want the name "high-ness monster" placed in the logo design wherever you think would be suitable and I want a loch-ness monster head wearing a simple coloured crown sticking its head out of water. Your design doesnt have to look exactly like the photo ive attatched, so feel free to add or remove anything from the logo that you think would make it look nicer, I'd like to see your own take on the logo.

The main requirements

*I preferbly want the logo in black and white, but please feel free to add colours or make it a coloured design if you think that would look nicer, I'm open to all designs. But if you decide your'e doing the black and white design, i'd like it all in black & white except for the crown and "high-ness monster" name. Again, feel free to change up and choose the colours to your liking.

*I want the drawing and the loch ness monster to look more simple and more aesthetic, you can even make it look like more of a simple doodle.

*You can place the "high-ness monster" name wherever you think would look best. Feel free to choose if it would look nicer in all capital letters or with some lower case letters. And feel free to choose the color/colors of the name.

*I'd like the loch ness monsters head sticking out of water (like in the photo) but again feel free to do your own take on the design.

*In the photo, the logo is in an oval. It looks nice in the oval, but your design doesnt have to be in an oval so feel free to remove the oval or do another shape if you like.

*As you can tell, I'm not that fussy on any specific design, so I would just like to see your own take on it!

Please feel free to ask me any questions!

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“Thank you, beutiful work”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ najee631, Australia.

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