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Simple Landing Page design XD

Hello! My name is Abdelkarim. I am from Morocco, I'm a professional UiUx graphics designer . Since I was a child, I have always been interested in UiUx graphics designer (experience of 3 years.). I’m a punctual person. I always complete my work on time. My previous job had a lot of deadlines and I made sure that I was organized and adhered to all my jobs. I’m ambitious. I have always set myself goals and it motivates me to work hard. I have achieved my goals so far with my training, education and work experience and now I am looking for ways to improve myself and grow. Please find below some similar video projects that I did in the last few years. Hope you would like those. If you want to see more sample of my work you can check out my portfolio: Please let me know if you need a test project to evaluate my capabilities. I have confident that I will do your work very well. Thanks and Regards

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