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Arduino NANO AND NRF24L01

Arduino NANO AND NRF24L01 --------------------------------------------------- The system consists of an Arduino Nano and an NRF24L01 RF module. For reasons of cost and reduced size, the nano was chosen. The resistors in series with the rgb led are necessary to limit the current on it and prevent it from burning out. With values of 220 Ohms a current of approximately 10 mA circulates on them. The NRF24L01 module is powered by 3.3V, (with 5V direct it could burn). The button has a soft anti-bounce to avoid multiple shots when pressed. The 0.1uF capacitor is necessary to avoid current spikes on the NRF24L01 (these could damage it). I can design the PCB of the assembly very reduced. A battery can be added to power it in case it needs to be wireless.

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