Stacked Guitar Amp Illustration of Stonehenge

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Graphic needed for a company whose audience is musicians, gear heads, and music lovers worldwide. We’d like to recreate the famous Stonehenge landmark, but with guitar amps. It’s the idea of mixing stacked guitar amps most associate with live music performances, in the shape of Stonehenge. Ideally, it's a half circle (not the full circle as that gets a bit too busy).

As you’ll see in the attached assets, we want this to feel clean, and minimal in total colors (3-4), using various guitar amp shapes to create the positioning of the Stonehenge layout shown. We want the illustration to be somewhere in between minimal and realistic, where there’s not TOO much detail in the amps but not too little as well. (NOTE: Keep the amplifiers in their actual shapes. We don't want the amps to appear as if they are the shapes of the Stonehenge stones themselves).

We don’t need to show the NAMES of the guitar amps in the image, we just want to include the types of shapes of the amps like “Marshall, Fender, Vox, and Orange” (also in the attached).

Please put on a cream background, and use the screenshot of 70s art as your color inspiration/approach.

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“Roy provided a great original illustration that was in line with the brief I provided.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ philcomgsi, United States.

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  • juandelange
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    Please could you comment on my entry #38

    • cách đây 1 tháng
  • Xiuhcoatl
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    Hi! Can you provide feedback about this one? Thanks!

    • cách đây 1 tháng
  • tushardas2300
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    i am working on it

    • cách đây 1 tháng
    1. philcomgsi
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 1 tháng

      Sweet. Thanks!

      • cách đây 1 tháng
  • nirraschi
    • cách đây 1 tháng

    Hi! I have two questions
    1) What is the name of your company? Is it necessary to include it in the design?
    2) What dimensions does the image have to have? what will it be used for? (to know which bitmap to use in the colors)

    • cách đây 1 tháng
    1. philcomgsi
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 1 tháng

      1) Not necessary to include the name of the company in the design.
      2) Ideal image size is probably 750x750 to 1250x1250, but final deliverable should be a vector graphic, so we can scale it as needed.

      • cách đây 1 tháng
  • dshowrav
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