Staking Plan and Automated Trading Bot.

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I require a betfair trading/betting bot with staking plan which is over the long term profitable and auto able to run, a 2% profit per week minimum is to be achieved and proven before handover in virtual currency.

You will need to research betting and market patterns for each category like horse racing and then implement it into an automated betting bot.

The bot needs to be able to trade also before the races/matches start to achieve a green up.

I have used betsender [login to view URL] previously as I found it to be the best for staking plan variety and ease of use. I am looking for a bot that is easy to use like this one, the staking plans I am more familiar with include the fibonacci (lay or back) and back retirement, the back retirement is very safe to use but still struggles to generate profit, if I could use say either of these or have the choice to switch between that would be great, even better if you could utilize them both and create another staking plan.
To round up I am interested in a trading auto bot that can judge the best markets to green up on and arbitage on, and also staking plans which can maybe be incorporated, if a bot with all these in one can be made and proven on a trial run to be successful or give an edge of 2% plus a week minimum I would be more than happy.
Perhaps even incorporating previous ideas and bots you have created?
I am looking for the ultimate safe staking/trading bot.
I do know betfair are bringing out their new api to allow customers to create apps more easily to be from like bots if this is of any interest or use to you?
Thanks for reading and hope to work something out with you.

Research - Creating models which could lead to key information, and could provide us with key mathematical figures which would give you an edge in your bot or general trading.

Research 2 - To create tools that would gather previous data/markets and give us key information. E.g. Get all the information of the horses races, Horse names, odds, position etc. And create models in a method to give you key information to improve your knowledge and mathematical figures.

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