Startup Web Site Design for OPPORTUNITY FOR EQUITY.

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  • Giải thưởng: $100
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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

1. Pitch your ideas for a redesign of our home page and other pages in a creative way.
2. Multiple style suggestions: colors, section borders, fonts etc.
3. Layout suggestions: i.e. repositioning of content & functionality on existing pages.
4. A short PowerPoint with sketches, images, and bullets might be great, but we're open for all of your creative presentation ideas.
5. The winner of this bid will be someone in a position to IMPLEMENT their presentation by delivering HTML, CSS, other deliverables in a FUTURE contract.

FUTURE OPPORTUNITIES (not part of this contract)
1. Ultimately looking for a complete front-end user interface redesign for
2. Work on future opportunities listed below will be by invitation only (not part of this contract).
3. If you submit a style we'd like to work with, you'll be invited to submit a design for the home page.
4. If we like your home page design, we may invite you to discuss ongoing design work in exchange for partnership and equity.
5. Front-end development moving forward:
* HTML files, CSS files, image files, and JavaScript files.
* HTML will be well-structured XML.
* The design should allow for variable browser widths.
* Layout should not involve using tables or absolute positioning of elements.
* The web page will display well in all major browsers, including IE 7+, FireFox, Chrome, and Safari.
* The web page will display well in mobile browsers. For example, use of CSS media queries where appropriate. An alternate version of the web page for mobile browsers is also acceptable.
* The majority of styling will be defined in CSS classes, with a focus on reducing redundancy and increasing reuse.
- There should not be a lot of CSS classes that only apply to a single element. Some are ok.
- The same set of styles should not be repeated many times in different CSS classes, unless there is a specific reason for it.

What we can provide:
HTML files, CSS files, image files, and JavaScript files from our current web site.

We are a passionate team with the skills and resources to build some amazing & innovative startup projects. Between us we have developers with years of experience at Accenture & IBM, a CPA as partner, a partner who is a Lead for Chicago's Startup Boot Camp, experienced advisors, one of the best startup lawyers in the USA, and world-class acumen in analytics, systems architecture, project management, venture capital, and lean startup methodology.

You are a passionate, A-player, with a keen eye for great user experience, an intuitive sense of design style, and the technical chops to deliver results that jive with our developers and architect. You are a creative person with a good attitude who recognizes the importance of great communication and presentation. You are someone who will consider this redesign of our minimum viable product as an opportunity for an invitation to join our diverse and passionate team. You want to build stuff that changes the world... in a big way.

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  • prasnt
    • cách đây 7 năm


    We have submitted our first draft design. Hope you will like it. Awaiting your feedback.


    • cách đây 7 năm
  • chinthakasilva89
    • cách đây 7 năm

    let me know how is it...!

    • cách đây 7 năm
  • chinthakasilva89
    • cách đây 7 năm

    im working on stay on touch

    • cách đây 7 năm

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