Subtle, simple, elegant - photo album cover design: template detailing two lines of text required

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Photo album cover design: I am looking for a simple yet elegant photo album cover design.

I need a template which can be used to send to an album manufacturer. I would like to see two versions of the template (showing the two different font styles, specified below).

The album will be bound with a light gray linen. On the right hand side, on the bottom right hand corner, I would like to have our names on the first line and the full date underneath the names on the second line. I therefore need a template showing the font style and positioning of the names and date, so that I can send this to the album manufacturer who will use the template to emboss the wording on the album cover. (Please see the attached file named 'layout [login to view URL]' to understand the layout format that I am after - in terms of the font size (not style) and location of the text, this is what I am after.)

Font style: 1) I like the font style 'Trajan pro bold' (please see the attached file named 'font style'). 2) I also like the font in the attached file named 'example 1'.
As specified above, please produce two templates. One with Trajan Pro Bold and one with the second font style.

Please keep in mind that the album will be an 18 inch panorama album. Please suggest what font size should be used for an album of this size (the writing should not take up too much area on the cover and should be proportionate to the way the writing is laid out in the attached example file named 'layout [login to view URL]'). I am planning to ask for 'blind' embossing (i.e. no colour, just indentation) and I am wanting something very subtle and clean looking.

I want the names and date to be a small detail. I do not want a large font and I want the font to be clean and elegant. Please feel free to present other variations of what I am asking for in terms of font style if you believe something will match my specifications.

Finally, here is the wording that I want:

16 NOVEMBER 2013

I think this will look best presented as the names in a slightly larger font size than the date. But only slightly larger. Not too much of a notable difference (maybe only one point in size difference).

Finally, please see attached the file (named 'album cover layout draft') that I have attempted to produce myself which shows an idea of what I am after. I have not been able to get the spacing between the two names and the + symbol exactly and I have also not managed to get the correct spacing of the text to the boarder (the text should be evenly spaced from the bottom of the album border to the side of the album border) - and I also do not have many decent font styles to choose from - hence the reason I am asking someone professional to do this! :-)

Thank you in advance.

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“Always very quick to respond, happy to make changes and delivered exactly what I wanted. Thank you. ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ efdesign2017, France.

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