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TEXEL Energy Storage is a company that develops the world´s most cost-effective energy storage solution, storing renewable energy (solar energy & wind power) to distribute it when we need the energy the most.

The company´s goal is to reduce the usage of fossil fuels.

In order to showcase our technology in the best way possible - We would love to create four different scenarios to show how our product could be of great value. We are using a container (containing our battery units) to show how we can deliver Megawatts hour of electricity and heat in different locations. Thus, these containers will be our product to sell and focus on. To power up our containers - we would like to showcase some type of renewable energy source connected (solar PV panels or Wind Power).

1. City environment:

Many batteries are hard to place in a city because of the fire hazards. Not the TEXEL Energy storage battery.

In this picture we want to:
- Showcase the high energy density by storing TEXEL containers in the middle of the city, to provide energy for a crowded city area - without running the risk of fire hazards.

For the picture we suggesting:
- A large city environment (New York or similar)
- An birds-eye view over the city, in order to get an understanding of the environment and how and where the TEXEL energy system could fit in.
- Product = containers stacked on top on each other with TEXEL logotyp (see example from attached picture)
- Important to showcase is our product (container) functionality and how it could deliver electricity or heat to important city functions - city hospital - residential building - large office - mall?
- Maybe a darker setting of the city (evening/dusk) would do the trick to showcase electricity distribution in the city (lit windows etc). Maybe give a glowing light to the TEXEL container as an illustration of the energy hub/supply.
- Try to incorporate roof tops solar PV panels on buildings or and a wind turbines

2. Remote Island

In this picture we want to:
- Illustrate the possibility for TEXEL to supply energy on a remote islands - using it´s energy storage system combined with wind power and solar PV to serve the island with electricity.

For the picture we suggest:
- An island with no established crossing (no bridges etc) to the mainland - surrounded by water.
- On the island there is a small/midsize community, showing various building types and an electric microgrid.
- In order to run our TEXEL battery we need solar PV -panels and or Solar Wind power turbines - please incorporate these

3. Street of residential houses/homes.

In this picture we want to:
- show how one TEXEL container could serve and support energy of a street of larger residental homes.

For the picture we suggest:
- Large houses on each side of the road
- Placing a TEXEL container by the end of the road to support all homes on that street with electricity or heat.
- All homes have solar PV on their roof, illustrate the possibility how energy could be stored and served many.

4. A TEXEL picture -

In this picture we want:
- A uniqe picture for TEXEL. - Highlighting the logo.

For the picture we suggesting:
- Base the new picture from the previous concept picture attached - but do it uniqe to TEXEL
- Stack the TEXEL container on top on each other in a row.
- Add solar PV & Wind power to this picture.
- Bright picture to illustrate hope and power - no dark clouds! Sunlight & Green feeling.


VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFC_cndevxU
HOMEPAGE: https://www.texeles.com/

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