Top 10 Reasons for a new Mayor ad

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I need an ad for a political campaign that is 9.5 inches wide and 11 inches tall and 300+ dpi, the final file must be .psd with all editable layers. that includes the following information for voters who are over 40 years old. So text must be large, but it needs to be eye catching:

Top 10 reasons to vote for a new mayor this month

Money is disappearing fast
When the current mayor took office there was over $101 Million in the City's fund accounts. The balance is now down below $79 Million

Funds are down despite the current mayor's vote for the single largest property tax increase in West Jordan History

The current mayor also voted to increase water rates 43% in one year, creating a $7.4 budget surplus in the water fund.

The current administration destroyed the Wild West Playground before reaching out to the citizens that funded and built that playground. The full funding that was set aside to repair and or build a new playground is no longer there.

In 2017 six council members voted to earmark $8 Million for the arts building, only $5 Million is still in that fund. No council votes have taken place to move the money.

City council members are no longer provided with monthly financial statements to show fund balances or budget vs. actual expenses.

The current mayor voted to select a vendor that was NOT the low bidder for trash removal. His campaign sign is now in the yard of the winning bidder.

More High Density
On the only residential development that has come up on the city council agenda during his term, the current mayor voted for higher density.

Questionable Activity
The current mayor has placed his campaign signs on public property as well as other areas that are illegal, even after signing an agreement not to do so.

The current mayor has improperly disposed of city property, assets that should have been sold for additional city funding.

It's time for a clean slate. The West Jordan Citizens Alliance encourages all West Jordan residents to vote for Alan Anderson or Dirk Burton in August.

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