Unity UI work for mobile app (android and IOS)

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I am currently building a rudimentary UI for my app that is functional but ugly.

I need the graphics for the UI to be built so that I may impose them on my already-built UI. I have little experience with Unity's UI. I am not using frameworks, only standard UI elements.

For reference, this app has a farmstead and this UI will be used on that. Therefore, the UI is supposed to kind-of look like it was constructed by a farmer.

Here are my requirements/specifications:
* The background panel image of the pop-up UI menus will be of darker wooden planks. The planks should look like they are slightly aged and not perfect, while still the work of a craftsman. The panel needs to be adjustable to the UI while looking natural. I once saw a YouTube video where the edges of the UI were set separately from the center, I need this to work as such. The edges of the planks on the horizontal sides should jag out a bit.
* Additionally, a piece of parachment with the edges slightly curled and nails nailed into it. This will be used to house both text and images within it. This also needs to be scalable. I need 3 variations of this. It should
* 3 images of nails that are half-embedded. One should be bent.

* An explanation of how to utilize them within Unity, or straight-up providing the panels to me as imports.

I have added an EXAMPLE, this doesn't mean copy it's design.
I have also added some rudimentary UI elements with a better explanation of what I'm looking for.
Additionally, if you do this project you are doing it with the knowledge that all rights will be owned by me.

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