Using ai to create a short video of a tree

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Using ai to create a short video

This project is mainly to create a videos using ai

The winner has to make the background and the tree as natural as possible.

1) Use our special design tree. The root of the tree goes deep and finally it tap a VAST underground water source deep below with its root and the tree begin to grow bigger and bigger and it produce a lot of fruits.

Use REAL photos of two persons in the video.

One person is the King of the Forest. The other person is his disciple.

The video starts with flying near to the ground over a long real river in a dense forest. The view is like inside a spaceship coming from the sky but do not need to show the spaceship at all in movie. In the beginning,

When passing through the river the video can see different Kings and Queens of the Forest in ancient time. (Note: you can see a long river samples and many king queen invthe below files)

Finally the screen comes to a BEAUTIFUL Palace in the Forest..
There is the Royal King and his disciple there. Their photos are in the link below. There are elephants tiger nearby

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    my entry #19

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  • MightyJEET
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    check #19

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    Do you want to add Social Media Animation.

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    Yes. The tree us that tree.
    The characters are in the post

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    1. CuongNguyen05
      • cách đây 2 tháng

      In the past I have created many descriptive videos. I think I will make a video for you from your writing ideas

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  • TreMediaDigital
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    it contains only the tree image and the link to the drive, no other files as youmention in the description

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