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Looking for an individual with experience creating great social media ads.

This video is designed to convince people that cleaning is really need and show some process and all the nasty stuff.

Thumbnail should be a single picture or a few pictures of dust coming out and stuff like that. Maybe we could use some text from Text 1 here too

Text 1 (This one must be first)
Only $179
Air Duct Cleaning
Special for Homeowners

Text 2:
Unlimited Supply Ducts

Text 3:
Unlimited Supply Vents

34% of home fires are caused by clogged dryer vent

FREE Dryer Vent Cleaning

Commercial HEPA Negative Pressure Machine

Last image should be a call to action
Air Ducts Cleaning Experts
Hurry Up - Schedule Appointment Today
Call Us at (844) 728-0066

Please note that I’m doing automatic placement on Facebook and Instagram and each placement requires different aspect ration - you must provide all

For a few ideas, navigate to Facebook ads library and look for the following pages in United States;
Green Group Salt Lake City
Purple Ducts UTAH
Discount Air Duct Cleaning (Arizona)


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“Sheikh has have delivered on time, was always available and listened! ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ dvncomp, United States.

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    Hi contest holder, Your work in process...

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    Sir, what will be the time duration of the Ads?

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