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Goop Logo Study 1

I used a playful but legible wordmark for this logo study. Also, I made a character (the upper right element on the workmark). I aligned the look of this character with your company logo (Bad Juju Games) by creating an eye in which in my opinion, is the main element or recognizable thing in Bad Juju Games logo. With aligned look and characters, everything will be consistent and at one look, you can say that this logo (Goop) is well connected to Bad Juju Games. I also used light orange for "Goop" and shades of green for the eye of the character to solidify the consistency and to make everything family. For the typeface to be used like for body copy, I chose a rounded clean sans serif to make everything readable. For the headlines and other titles, we can use the typeface similar to the one I used on the "Goop" logo. Another one, the eye element is a stand-alone logo for Goop and can be applied into anything from print to mobile and web.

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