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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I am looking for a freelancer to create some visual brand assets for me to use in creating an engaging website. The assets I am looking for will include logos, icons, and print materials to help make the website eye-catching and engaging. If you have experience creating these types of visuals, please let me know.

Business background and overview:

The business is called Markets Recon and has two main services or use cases, served up via our website.

Firstly, a content library containing long-form research articles, short-form blogs, podcasts, videos and other thought leadership content. This enables users to do a deep dive into topics and trends.

Using that media, we’ll also produce proprietary analysis to give users a snapshot or quick view of the important elements.

Target audience:

Our target audience is professional investors and investment consultants - sophisticated professionals. In terms of location, we’d be looking at a global audience focused on the US, UK, and Europe.

Design specifications:

We’d like a logo and some iconography that we can use across the website and incorporate into pitch decks and other documentation.

In terms of the logo, I’d like something quite simple. Using a typeface aligned to our brand personality. An idea I had was to incorporate a satellite dish graphic in the ‘R’ of ‘Recon’. An ‘M’ and ‘R’ (with the graphic) or the ‘R’ in isolation might then double up as our simplified logo for socials etc.

We also have a strapline of ‘Driving Decisions’. Which can be used in the main logo. The idea is that investors are getting served content which will contribute to their decision making, rather than news updates and product marketing.

The icons should also be simple graphics. I quite like the ones used in this example:

The graphics should include satellite dishes or telescopes, with simple geometric shapes overlaid. They should convey depth and dimensionality so that we might create 3D animated graphics in the future for the website. They should also convey the idea of energy and movement.

I’m open to suggestions on colour palettes. I like gradients used on websites and I like the idea of a combination of both light and dark colours. The light colours being pastels. However, if you can suggest something more aligned to the brand personality then I’m all ears.

Brand personality:

The business is catering to sophisticated professionals and therefore that should be conveyed in the brand. However, we also want to be viewed as tech led and cutting edge.

Some other more loose influences on the brand personality might be being the vanguard or operating at a high level - like special forces in the military.

Competitor analysis:

Many of our competitors have very boring and uptight brand images. Their platforms are also very busy with information. I want to avoid this in our business and brand identity.

Some examples of competitors include:

Savvy Investor:

IPE (Investments & Pensions Europe):


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“Bhautik did a great job creating our logo and visual brand assets such as icons. We awarded Bhautik the contest from more than 300 entries. Bhautik was very responsive to feedback and creating additional assets for us. I couldn't recommend highly enough and I hope to continue working with Bhautik.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ Alexnicholls9, United Kingdom.

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