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Certified Accountant

Dear Sir, i am interested in your job offer, I have been providing similar services as being a certified Accountant (CAF qualified equilent to CPA) for about 3+ years of experience in the field of Accounting & Finance. I ensure you 100% quality work which would completely satisfy your thoughts as per required demand. My Expertise is as follows: - Weekly, Monthly, semi-annually & Yearly maintenance of Accounting records - Preparation of Financial Statements: ● Profit & Loss ● Balance Sheet ● Statement of Cashflows ● Statement of Changes in Equity ● Notes to the Financial Statements - Financial & overall Business Analysis - Budgeting & Forecasting - Financial Modeling, projections & Business Plans - Business Writing/E-mail Writing - Microsoft Office [MS Word, Excel & Power Point] - QuickBooks, Xero, Odoo & ZohoBooks If you need any other services regarding Auditing & Taxation, I am here to help you in a professional way. Feel free to contact me, if you want....

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