we want animation that describes our services.

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our company name is D724 Bilisim Hizmetleri. There are 81 provinces in Turkey. We provide our customers with Informatics support. (PC, Notebook, Printer, Server, Storage) we reach all the illere maximum 4 hours.
D724, Turkey is working with 70 partners to support the general. Bursa and Ankara have two technical staff. also Turkey has 35 spare parts and consignment store in general.

branch Office: [login to view URL]

Branch Office / Partner / Mobil Staff ; [login to view URL]

we provide service to our customers instead of following the steps below.
1. Our customer has a fault in the branch in Turkey. Immediate service is required.
2. The D724 HelpDesk can use our email, telephone or Guardpack Software to reach our staff. ([login to view URL])
3. fault recording is recorded by our helpdesk staff. customer, the call number is forwarded.
4. the mobile application, will communicate with the technician. After opening the helpdesk service request, direct the most suitable team in the region to the address of the customer.
5. With the specialist technician / engineer spare part or the consignment device, you will get to the address of the customer.
6. the technician prepares the service form when the repair is complete and updates the call through the mobile application and adds it to the details of the form call. the IT manager at the headquarters is informed at every step from the call opening to this stage. (working on, technician on the way, technician onsite, solved)
7. When the D724 central warehouse receives the information that the call is resolved, the technician in the region sends the same piece to complete the missing stock.

When the technician is out of the customer, the problem of the customer is completely solved. but the operation of D724 is not finished. The D724 technician should send the defective item received from the customer to the D724 headquarters so that the stock is sufficient for the next service.

the following video tells us only a part of our service. but to us, a little more detailed but an animas we will not be bored while watching :)
it would be nice if you could produce a slogan for these services.
exmp: rational solutions for complex technologies :)

the example animation is the following;
[login to view URL]

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