Webpage 2D Design Mockup only. Graphic Design : SAFETAXI.com.ph

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Seeing a Graphic Designer to create a 2D Mockup of our new website called SafeTaxi. SafeTaxi is a database of drivers from Uber, Grab and various taxi companies in the Philippines. Drivers are Rated just like AirBNB. We verify the safety rating of each Car and Driver. We need a design that reflects this idea. Seeking a designer that can capture this concept. 1 PAGE, Static image. 2D. should include Logo, graphics and professional design.

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Provides validation of top quality drivers in the Philippines , Vietnam , Thailand and throughout the pacific. Why take a chance on taking any old taxi only to find out your driver has a criminal record, the car is old and the aircon barely works. To make matters worst. The driver doubles or Triples the price and tries to scam you. Safe Taxi combines the features of eBay, Air BnB and Amazon to deliver a database of quality, safe drivers. Our strict screening process Weeds out 50% of the drivers and operators.

Safe Taxi solves this problem. We verify the background history of each driver in our database. Their drivers license , NBI/Police Clearance are on file. We only accept newer vehicles and provide a rating system for each driver and car. Our certified Safe Taxi Drivers are from various Taxi companies throughout the Philippines. We even certify Grab, Uber and various transport drivers. We literally take only the best drivers and cars from each company. Only the best of the best make it to our list .

Every taxi company and organization in the Philippines has good drivers and bad drivers. There will always be a few lemons in every organization.

Safe taxi not only provides the best drivers, but allows you to rank each driver in our system. Thereby further separating the top driver from the elite drivers in the Philippines. You not only have the top 10% of the drivers. You get to participate on selecting the top 5% using our ranking system. Safe taxi uses effective rating systems to keep the drivers on their "A" game.

The driver database at safe taxi ensures is always updated for accuracy and is checked yearly. At the same time our customers provide real time updates on a daily basis. When a top driver does some thing wrong, their rating slips dramatically. Our strict standards are higher than all of the taxi and transport operators combined. Our formula for success is no secret. We select the top 10 percent of the drivers in a given city and we allow our valuable customers to participate in the process. The best drivers are rewarded by having a constant flow of customers. Highly ranked drivers are sought after. Unlike other substandard drivers that barely have enough budget to pay for their car payments.

Safe Taxi takes the guesswork out of taking a taxi in the Philippines, Vietnam and other parts of Asia. Why settle for any random driver. Travel safely and ride in comfort with the best and safest taxis in the Philippines and abroad.


What makes your drivers safer than Uber, Grab it, Avis and other Premium transport companies.

We screen and document each driver and create an online profile. We only select drivers with newer cars. After we screen the best drivers and cars, our customers will rate the drivers and experience. This rating system will further scrutinize the best driver to identify the elite drivers to form a standard that is so high and accurate that selecting any random driver would seem like Russian roulette.

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