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Revised Design

I have used your attached images and got this revised design for you. Please check & let me know

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  • dicarlosza
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    1) You're missing 2 icons (GIFT CARDS and MERCH)
    2) HISTORY doesn't use the reference photo I provided
    3) ORDER NOW is pizza, but i can't tell it's DiCarlo's
    5) FUNDRAISING is reference photo, but not a good drawing.
    6) MENU is good however the letterboard doesn't relate to DiCarlo's. I can provide exampke
    7) LOCATIONS is good. Try to use the DiCarlo's Blade sign on it provided in "Locations 2" reference photo.
    8) CATERING is good, however the icon is smaller compared to the others. Maybe remove that line background.
    9) REWARDS is misspelled and the pizza design is not clear. You're on the right track though.
    10) JOBS; No hamburger. Change the "Big Boy" logo as it's Trademarked.
    11) SHIPPING - I can't tell what that is. Is there a square DiCarlo's pizza?

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