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We are looking for someone to redesign our shop page on our website. We use Shopify ecommerce website.

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We are currently using 4 banners to showcase our products.
Most of our users find us via Instagram.
Our shop page needs to be more mobile friendly. We have decided to remove the banners from the shop page and focus on making it easy for customers to identify our products.

The current banners are also NOT so friendly when it comes to SEOs and we have found a few spelling errors on them.

We currently have 5 products and we will have a new product soon.
We want to add our 5 product selection to the site and only have the product and text show rather than full banners. (ONLY PRODUCT IMAGE, TITLE, TEXT)

The product should be the main focus. Please make sure the 5 products show well and the differences in their styles show.

We want to create a clean and simple template that is luxury and professional looking.

Product 1:

No glue, no bonding and no clips. Designed to be secure & comfortable on the head for a fitted feel.

Product 2:

Lace weft system that camouflage the clips to ensure a flawless presentation. Sewn into a one row clip-in for abundance of volume and strength.

Product 3:

Lace weft system that camouflage the clips to ensure a flawless presentation. Manufactured for optimal comfort with their smaller clips and silicone cushioning that stay secure.

Product 4:


Non-damaging and semi permanent method. Seamless and invisible tape technology to ensure a flawless presentation.

Product 5:


The innovative Keratip method is an excellent choice for those looking for a more permanent solution for hair extensions. Each strand is fused to your natural hair using a heat wand and by transforming the solid keratin to liquid and back to solid.

Thank you very much!

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