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The site that will be altered and updated is:

LeadingGreen provides exam preparation training courses focussed on the LEED green building rating system. These courses take place across North America and students can enrol in the live classes or take them through online webinars.

This website is used primarily as a means for people around the globe to sign up for live and online exam preparation courses. Its secondary use is as a source for green building and engineering knowledge. The majority of the content already exists and can simply be transferred from one wordpress template to a new one. The site must be kept as a wordpress website and can be a custom or normal template.

The major changes and updates required for the website include the following:

- A simple homepage which can point the visitor directly to information/registration for a course in their area/online

- An easy to use e-commerce registration page for each city and one to register for a webinar
- The registration must accept varying types of secure online payments including: Credit Card, Paypal etc...
- The registrant must also have an option to RSVP for a live course and opt to pay in person

- The site must include a user-friendly webinar for those who take the course online that is accessible online anytime

- When registrants pay or register for a course an account should automatically be created with their username being their email and their own password. This account will be automatically granted access to the course they have registered for online.

- A highly optimizable website for keywords such as LEED Training in "City XYZ"

- Make it a mobile responsive website

- The homepage should be able to display three youtube embedded videos.

Pages are to be as follows:
1. LEED Training Classes
a. Live Classes in Your City
b. Online Classes available any-time
c. Corporate Training

2. LEED Accreditation (People)
a. LEED Green Associate

3. LEED Certification
a. LEED 2009
b. LEED V4

4. LEED Blog

5. Current Students
a. Webinar
b. Practice Exams
c. Additional Material

The current site has some strong content, but the navigation of the site is not intuitive and difficult for visitors; especially visitors to the site who just want to find a course near them or online and register. The latter process should be made easy and simple for the visitor from ANY page on the website (Perhaps through a widget that says; Find a LEED Course near you or online). I wish to include current content and the same or similar pictures in a new template that is bright, user-friendly and intuitive to use.
To sum up; the key components of this website include a user-friendly easy to navigate design, a simple shopping cart and a private section to take online webinars. The winner will satisfy the aforementioned requirements and also be hired for future work with this site and others the company owns and operated.

At minimum the submission must include:
1. The new homepage design to replace:
2. A sample registration page to take the course live to replace:
3. A registration page for the online courses and how the webinar pages will be set up

Please see the following websites as examples of easy to use shopping cart / payment systems:

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    Please make this contest as sealed .

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