Wireframe and Rendering for One Chart

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Deliverable: Light/Dark themed design for a chart, wireframe for same

Details: I need a design to pull together a bunch of data for a chess analytics application. There are a number of data points (listed in the attachment) and I'm having trouble coming up with a good way to display them. I provided a sample with most of the info but I'm looking at how to get the rest of the data into the page. The design should be clean, modern-looking, visually appealing and as compact as possible due to the number of data points.

The data consists of a number of games played, win/draw/loss percentage and counts, and a breakdown by opening/variation (explained in doc) with win/draw/loss stats along with inaccuracy/mistake/blunder stats. There are two more data points for overall accuracy and book depth (how long they followed 'book moves'). It's all numeric data but having an issue figuring out how to make it clean. These need to rollup and some icons to make it visually appealing and easy to read. At the top, there are 2 filters, one for timeframe and one for which color played.

I am looking for a UX/UI person to help build out wireframes for my entire website. This includes two similar charts to this. If the deliverable for this looks good there may be more work for you in the near future for the larger project. I will have you bid on those when I'm ready (est 2-3 months out). So UX/User Experience backgrounds will be a big plus.

I can provide additional sample data if needed. I have attached a word document with descriptions of the data I think you'll need and a sample of something I put together (doesn't have all the data, and I can't figure out a good design going forward). You can recycle as much of that as you want or start from scratch.

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  • ChessWiz
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    Award increased.

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  • mattsrinc
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    Mm, I guess you need a code for your data visualization (e.g. "render") and if that is the case you should #increaseprize to much bigger value. For design part only I'm out.

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    1. ChessWiz
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      I'm just looking for a mockup of the screen.

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  • ChessWiz
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    This will be a standard website, so the page would have to scale dynamically. If you stick to industry-standard screen sizes/scale it should be okay.

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  • affanmy
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    do you have any information about the size (px or else) we need to make?

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