Witty Digital Display Ads for Invoicing App

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

We’re working with the best little invoicing app around – Billbooks.

We have advertising scheduled in the coming months and need some digital display banners created.

This contest is to find a versatile, creative concept that can work across a range of banners. If we like your concepts enough, we may look at working together to create other advertising executions - the more versatile and adaptable your creative ideas, the more likelihood we will award you the winning prize.

The winning entry will go above and beyond. The visual treatment will give the Billbooks brand character, and probably use humour to make such a boring part of business fun. Visual treatment and humour should appeal to a global audience.

Technical requirements:
- Provide concepts for 2 x sets of ads targeting distinct audiences (see audiences below)
- Each of set of ads will promote 3+ user benefits (see benefits below)
- You must provide mockups of how these ads will work in two formats - Half Page (300px wide x 600px high) and Billboard (970px wide x 250px high)
- Total creative mockups to be supplied - minimum 6 (same visual treatment for both audiences x 3 user benefits copy x 2 formats), more likely 12 (2 visuals treatment for different audiences x 3 user benefits copy x 2 formats)
- To allow any final technical production in-house, your final artwork will be delivered in layered, editable format - PSD, INDD or Figma are acceptable
- You must include the Billbooks logo, however an arresting message and imagery is equally if not more important than our brand
- If you choose to use stock images, please ensure watermarks to not ruin the overall appearance of your mockups

Billbooks audience:

Billbooks appeals to freelancers and small business owners working across all industries. It’s the go-to option for anyone who wants a cost-effective, well built, beautifully designed invoicing solution. These ads will need to target two different audiences:

Audience A - Businesses & freelancers currently invoicing using Excel and Word and looking for a more professional solution – particularly suits sole traders, early stage startups, entrepreneurs, 1-person small businesses; and

Audience B - Businesses & freelancers currently using other invoicing platforms that have more functionality and a higher price than what is needed – particularly suits small businesses who have been trading for several years, have 2+ employees.

Your creative solution may require these audiences to be treated separately. If you can effectively appeal to both audiences with the same visual treatment, that is ok too. Possibly there is just a slight variation between them.

Billbooks benefits:

These benefits should be used as a guide. To be considered a winning entry, you will write copy that makes people pay attention and smile. For each audience setup, please create mockups for at least 3 x benefits.

Benefits for Audience A:

- Send invoices anywhere, anytime - cloud-based, mobile app
- Keep track of your records - never lose anything - auto backup in the cloud
- Save time - create and send invoices in 60 seconds
- Boost your professional reputation - send beautiful invoices, estimates and automated messages in you time zone (punch above your weight and increase your clients’ trust in your business)
- Improve cash flow - automate payment reminders, offer credit and debit card payments
Effortless - easily keep track of all your records on the go (fast and easy mobile app)

Benefits for Audience B:

- Save money - don’t pay for features you never use
- Save time - create and send invoices in 60 seconds
- Better insight to your business - get business snapshots that you don’t need an accounting degree to understand
- Easy setup and onboarding - takes seconds to move to Billbooks from other platforms, and we’re here to help you through the process on a quick phone call or chat

Our logo is attached, and you can learn more about the app at [login to view URL]

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  • deesharma111
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    Dear contest holder, Could you please confirm on entry #14 ?

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  • deesharma111
    • cách đây 2 tuần

    Working on it. Entry #14

    • cách đây 2 tuần
  • neharasheed876
    • cách đây 2 tuần

    the size of ads? and ads should be simply visual representation of the benefits for respective audience or the benefits need to be added as text?

    • cách đây 2 tuần
  • ChiemiDesigns
    • cách đây 4 tuần

    Hi please check #9

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  • joudy1996
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    #guaranteed #guaranteed

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  • Fazal213
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