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Need an article written on our unique technology which uses blockchain to be able to centralize --- decentralized access to patient records.

Here is a stream of writing ideas- and the following website: [login to view URL] . has a bit more about us.

Winner will be chosen and asked to complete the article once the first paragraph with main titleheadings are provided. The document should be a tri use dicument that does the following: Educates potential client sin blockchain related magazines about out technology, We can send to clients and it clearly explains to them why we are "the only ones" doing what we are doing, we can also send to interested clients as part of "first of line" sales material. Should be two pages- Images allowed.

Vendor Neutral Data Protection and Access- Just one part of our tech platform.

One thing I noticed - other blockchain prototypes have "push/pull" limits and they hinges on the client authorizing their data to be made public and anonymous. The core of the matter resides in that every vendor is competing for data market share, and every vendor has "the best" solution.

Our tech goes beyond a UPI (Universal Patient Identifier) because we simply use our blockchain identifier to index what data resides in what system and the rules of how to push or pull that data--which can be updated live with all the hl7 interfaces already in place. Standard HIPAA disclosures already allow the patients data to be sent to providers- and there wont be any miners- the blockchain is hosted within a HIPAA secure network at all times. Decentralized statistical evidence based medicine first requires we know what data is where, and for that same instance entry to know how to get it in an automated fashion.

Electronic medical record systems have been in existence for decades. These systems are designed to collect, store, and interpret healthcare data.

Healthcare data is valuable and must be handled carefully. [elaborate]

When these systems become obsolete for one reason or another, healthcare organizations find themselves left with the huge burden of maintaining these systems in order to retain the data.
A hospital has no idea how to manage their data on their own nor should they.
Consistency in accessing the records when needed
Keep records safe for n-years
Fulfill obligations to protect the data
Common approaches to this problem:
Vendor Support & Maintenance (costly, system is still in between you and your data)
Data Migrations (complex, lengthy)
Virtualization (institutional knowledge lost over time, system can still fail)
Data Protection is designed to completely free the hospital from this burden. One monthly fee.
Access to the records is maintained for as long as needed.
We take on liability

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