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Our company name is KOROSILK and we sell 100% pure mulberry silk products. We refer to our complete gamut of products as our "100% Pure Mulberry Silk Luxury Wellness Collection". To date, our product line includes silk pillowcases, silk sleep caps, silk eye masks and silk hair ties. Our brand is young and modern and mainly targets 25 to 50 years olds, mostly female. Our slogan is "Because you deserve it. Shine bright like a diamond." We need 5 product inserts written and 4 summarized for a total of 9 inserts. These include: 1) silk care instructions (postcard size - maximum 150 words); 2) thank you note to our customers (postcard size - maximum 150 words); 3) how to use our sleep cap (bi-fold business card size - maximum 100 words per panel on three panels. Total of maximum 300 words); 4) Silk Pillowcase benefits (maximum 5 short bullets; 5) Silk Sleep Cap benefits (maximum 5 short bullets); 6) Silk eye mask benefits (maximum 5 short bullets); 7) Silk hair ties benefits (maximum 5 short bullets); 8) Teaser 1 (maximum 100 words); and 9) Teaser 2 (maximum 100 words). Items 4 to 9 are business card size. The silk care instructions insert (item 1) and the teaser inserts (items 8 and 9) have already been written and just need to be jazzed up and /or summarized. Silk pillowcase benefits have also been written but need to be summarised into 5 bullet points. This contest will be to write the thank you note (#2 above) to our customers. The thank you note should include one sentence which promotes the full product line. Whichever writer gets chosen for the thank you note, will be chosen to write or summarize the remaining 8 inserts. To ensure clarity, the amount awarded for the contest is for all 9 inserts (not just the thank you note).

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“Natalie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is a brilliant writer, extremely professional and delivers quality work in a timely manner. We would hire her again in an instant! Thank you Natalie for all of your great work!! ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ paolalazza2018, Canada.

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  • tonnyboy
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    I have a problem while submiting work please check the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zux5YFAge1E

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    I preparing your full file. please wait until 12 pm.

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  • bimukay
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    please check entry #2 and let me know your feedback :)

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  • smdagnes
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    Hello, would you be able to share the website or page to have a look at the products or at least images? Thanks.

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