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Modern, stylish, responsive

Hi, please take a look at the screenshots and let me know what you think! They showcase the design in both wide and narrow windows. Since it is based on Bootstrap 3, this site is completely responsive and will display fine down to a tiny Android phone with a 240px wide screen. It will also scale up to take advantage of wider screens. There are some nice transition effects when going from page to page, which aren't visible in the screenshots, so I've also made a video to show case them. Here is the link if you want to check it out: Looking forward to know your opinion about my ideas and of course I'd be happy to make any modifications you wish to see on this design .

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  • csasbc
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 8 năm

    Thank you for entering this competition.. I really love the logo button you have put on the website! Are you able to match the colours on the website to the red and black on the logo? I'm after a slick and eye catching site and like what you have done so far :)

    • cách đây 8 năm
    1. iovar
      • cách đây 8 năm

      Thanks for rating and commenting on my entry! I'll do my best to match the palette to that of the logo and I'll come back with a new entry to the contest!

      • cách đây 8 năm