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Another version of the site

This one is at Again, it's worth looking at the actual site to see animations etc. Any of the parts from the other versions can easily be put into this version. If you look at it on a mobile device, tablet and full screen size computer you will see how it adapts to the size of the display. I have created a small animation showing how the site looks on a phone, which is attached here, or you can view at There are still lots of improvements I can make to these 4, but I'm going to put them to one side for now as I've had a good idea for a completely different style so hopefully can get that built and submit it before the end of the competition! Once again, note that these are not mockups - these are fully built websites, with editable content (via an admin backend with editor.)

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    It appears that the animated gif showing the site scrolling on a mobile device doesn't display properly in - You can see this image here:

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