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New idea - Framing with curtains

I thought of the idea of keeping it simple, like your favourite entries so far, but framing the site within beautiful red theatre curtains but unfortunately have not had much time tonight to work on this idea. I'd love to develop it further - the site at is just a quick test of the concept. If for whatever reason this competition is extended, I will work on this example to tidy up the design and add some wow factor. Or, if you like this concept and have enough faith in my ability from the 5 working sites I have created so far, I am willing to spend a fair amount of time on this to get it finished for you. I've developed a bit of an attachment to this project and would love to see it through to the finish and build a site that we both can be proud of! I am keen to have more work in my portfolio, so I can assure you I am genuine in my offer of spending the time to get it right, should you choose me to complete your site.

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    ...and just a final reminder - All the items which appear are configurable, by you - you can move things around and disable ones you don't need. This site, like the others, is responsive - so it will adapt to the size of the display it is being viewed on, right down to mobile devices.

    Again, I would be delighted to be given the opportunity to put the time in to make a site that really works for you.

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