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I can do them by Sunday - please see message

Hello! I can do the 4 travel articles of 500 words for you by Sunday. Your budget of $10 per article is fine and I’m happy to provide the articles for $40 total. Below is information about myself and my writing. If you are going to choose me to do your articles please send over the details asap so I can get started =) I am a native English speaker from the US so you can be assured that all the content I produce will be written in perfect English (American or UK upon request) I am available for long-term work if needed. You can check out samples of my work here: I am also a platinum quality writer at ezinearticles: along with several other article directories. Within my samples you will see that I am well versed on several subjects and can almost always provide a sample on almost any subject. Thank you for taking the time to look over my samples and consider my bid!

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                                     cho                                         4 x urgent travel articles needed within 3 days
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