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Hi, This is Faraz - a freelance writer with about 7 years of experience in this field now. Over the years, I have served countless clients based in the USA, UK, Australia,Canada etc., and all of them were truly satisfied with my work. I've written countless travel articles, and can assure you of high quality work, delivered on time by Sunday - let's not forget it's going to be plagiarism free too! Here's a basic sample of my travel writing: "San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua – Paradise on Earth If you have an undying thirst to experience what a simple, relaxed and uncomplicated life is like, than visit San Juan Del Sur in Southwest Nicaragua right now! Situated on an exquisite crescent shaped bay, San Juan Del Sur never gets too crowded as parts of it are still unexplored by tourists. The beach here is simply breath-taking to say the least. If all you want to do is walk along the seashore and bathe under the sun, than a vacation should instantly be planned......"

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