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The following is an example post for a travel article to South Korea's Jeju island. It will cover what I consider to be the essentials of travel abroad. This includes a brief intro to Jeju and how to get there from South Korea, while a full article would include information and resources on Transport, Visas, Tourist Activities, Local Culture and more. South Korea: Jeju Island Often referred to as the "Hawaii" of South Korea, Jeju island rests just South of mainland South Korea. One of the biggest positives of visiting Jeju is that it provides a break from the metropolitan sprawl of Seoul and Busan, but maintains an excessively high caliber of tourist destinations and local resources. The first factor in choosing a travel destination must be "How do I get there?" From within South Korea, this is a simple process which is cheap, quick, and hassle free. Simply board a plane from Busan, Incheon or Gimpo, and fly there in less than two hours. Another option is to take a ferry.

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