Yield Financial Planning

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OK - so we are days away from awarding this project, but UNFORTUNATELY I do not yet have my ideal. I AM REALLY LOOKING FOR SOME ADDITIONAL CREATIVITY HERE and we're only days away from someone getting the GUARANTEED PAYMENT.

So for everyone who has posted, I really want to thankyou so much for your efforts so far and this could still be yours. IF one of you can produce something that is stylistic, black and white design, with a colour infusion (I'm thinking green), we'll be there.

The websites I gave below are as a guide only and I'm after something that will be simple and unique. Will look great on Business cards, Signage, Letter Head and all other marketing material and to be great in all places it has to be simple, but stylish!

IF YOU COULD GIVE ME A VIEW OF YOUR SUBMISSIONS including how it could look in the form of a sign or on a business card, this will help with me visualising it also.

Thanks again for all of your creativity so far and I'm looking forward to confirming the winner in 3 DAYS!

THANKS SO MUCH for your efforts so far, but we haven't quite got it right just yet.

FOR SOME FURTHER GUIDANCE for the sort of styling and approach I like have a look at: www.macquarie.com.au and https://www.commbank.com.au/personal/financial-planning.html.

With this said, I am basically looking for something that represents our brand clearly and professionally, but that is also stylish and moody, to fit a black and white themed marketing approach. I think from seeing the colours provided so far, we should focus on overlaying ONLY GREEN into the logo design.

I'm looking forward to seeing further designs.

Yield Financial Planning is the rebranding of an existing Financial Planning business, which commenced in 1996. Refer 'propertyplanning.com.au' for details on existing business.

THE REBRANDING IS FOR THE FINANCIAL PLANNING PART OF THIS BUSINESS ONLY AND WILL THEREFORE BE A STANDALONE BRAND. IN OTHER WORDS PROPERTY PLANNING AUSTRALIA WILL CONTINUE TO EXIST. The new stand alone financial planning business will continue doing some marketing with Property Planning Australia, so the end logo design needs to work with some harmony, alongside it.

The business is highly professional, however I want the brand to be accessible across age groups. As a guide, I like brands including:

1. www.youi.com.au
2. www.tuskgroup.com.au

The best logo design will work with a black background in marketing, but may be used interchangeably against a white back ground, with a black font. For example, on a letterhead.

The logo is a very important part of the business image and perception.

The business name is Yield Financial Planning. To 'Yield' means to grow and harvest.


I am open to having the Logo include both the name and a stand alone logo OR for the name to be the Logo

At this stage I would prefer to incorporate Green as a feature colour. As the Yield of a crop is typically green, though I could be open to other colours.

Needs to be simple and recognizable.
Needs to tell people what we are - professional; results oriented; and caring
Able to be engraved into wood and metal - therefore look good black and white
Words - Need to be sharp


This is a bid and I will pay $220 for the best design I see. I will choose on Sunday 30 March 2014.

There will likely be a lot of additional work post this as well.

Thank you.


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“@danbodesign won the contest on 29 March 2014”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ propertyplanning, Australia.

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  • propertyplanning
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 9 năm

    Thanks everyone for your efforts so far. There are a few items of interest, however I have not found what I'm looking for yet.

    • cách đây 9 năm
    1. descomgroup
      • cách đây 9 năm

      Please rate designs on the scale of 1 to 5 stars so we get to know the style you are looking for. Thank you

      • cách đây 9 năm
  • propertyplanning
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 9 năm

    Sorry, I hadn't finished the last post. As some further guidance for the sort of styling and approach I like for the website have a look at: www.macquarie.com.au and https://www.commbank.com.au/personal/financial-planning.html. THESE WEBSITES GIVE SOME INDICATION OF HOW I SEE THE BRAND EVOLVING, WHICH SHOULD PROVIDE SOME ADDITIONAL DIRECTION ON LOGO DESIGN

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • matthew050
    • cách đây 9 năm

    #57 amdg

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • Designer0713
    • cách đây 9 năm

    #53 Thanks! :)

    • cách đây 9 năm
  • descomgroup
    • cách đây 9 năm

    Please take a look at our submissions which are #39 #40 #41 #43 #44 and #45. Any suggestion in changing color and design elements are welcome and we would love to do that according to your requirements. Thank you

    • cách đây 9 năm

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