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Group Design
₹25 một giờ
4,9 (1039 công việc)
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Hình đại diệnpreferred-freelancer-v2.svgverified.svgmonthly-level-three.svg
Amr Hamdy H.
$25 một giờ
4,9 (420 công việc)
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Hình đại diệnpreferred-freelancer-v2.svgverified.svgmonthly-level-four.svg
Syed Zeeshan H.
$30 một giờ
5,0 (308 công việc)
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Art Studio
$35 một giờ
4,7 (260 công việc)
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Hình đại diện
Humayo K.
$50 một giờ
4,9 (253 công việc)
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Hình đại diệnpreferred-freelancer-v2.svgverified.svgannual-level-four.svg
Md.Shohanur R.
$10 một giờ
4,9 (175 công việc)
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Hình đại diệnpreferred-freelancer-v2.svgverified.svgmonthly-level-three.svg
FEELM production
$35 một giờ
5,0 (146 công việc)
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Hình đại diệnverified.svg
Ahmar A.
$17 một giờ
5,0 (139 công việc)
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Cách thuê freelancer Decorator giỏi

A house may be made of bricks and beams, but a home is made of love and dreams.  It should have the comfort and cosiness accorded by decoration and designing that is done with heart. We all have been often “wowed” by the perfect decors of many homes and commercial offices that we get to see in the magazines. We may have wondered whether it is possible for us to get something with a likeness.
With the help of a decoration consultant or an interior designer, we certainly can.Whether you are getting yourself a new house/office or planning to give a facelift to the existing ones on a tight budget, seek the valuable advice of a decoration consultant. A qualified and seasoned interior designer will skilfully guide you, and offer their expert professional services to make your house truly your dream home.
It pays to know that there are decorators specialising in residential and commercial building, interior decoration and designing.
Which areas of the house or what sort of offices will need designing/decoration? These questions could be pertinent because for each type the décor and the design differ.
Interior design of all rooms
Kitchen design
Bedroom design
Bathroom design
Media room design
Home staging to sell homes
Restaurant design
Retail design
Hotel design
Hospitality design
Office design
What design services are provided in each project?
Space planning
Project management
Purchasing, shipping and delivery and installation of necessary wares and products
Colour consulting
Drapery and window treatment- window treatment depend on the function, fabric and type. Some examples are simple valances, box pleated valances, tab-top valances, etc.
Architectural services
Wrought iron and glass design offered by some
Even Feng shui because of the growing popularity and custom beliefs, many decorators undertake this too.
What are the qualifications a decoration consultant is expected to have?
Diploma in interior design and decoration
Certificate in interior decoration
Certificate in design
Bachelor in interior design
Associate degree in interior decoration and design
With these qualifications to boost their knowledge, the decoration consultants will have ample knowledge about the sustainable practices that get into the planning and specification of interior structures. They will have a strong concept of application of materials and surface treatments, furnishing, colour and lighting schemes to create an aesthetic appeal and functional utility in both residential and commercial environments alike. Upon graduation they are also required to attend apprenticeships under reputed design consultants to polish their existing skills.
Where will you search for to hire a decoration consultant?
It is imperative to hire a reliable, affordable and understanding decoration consultant to get exactly what you have in mind as your dream home/office. Anything less will be unacceptable because then it ceases to be your dream. To find such a qualified experienced reliable and affordable professional, visit and never look beyond. Whether a full interior designing or a face lift, you can achieve it well within your budget. You can hire locally or very close to your area.
If you’re looking for a solution for your delivery needs or if you are looking to trials freelancer to see if they provide the levels of expertise you are looking for, using a platform such as is a fantastic option.
Simply log onto the website and search through a bank of talented freelancers who are willing and able to provide their services to you for your project. So don’t waste time waiting, hire your decoration consultant from
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Thiết kế tờ rơi.
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Thiết kế tờ rơi.
15 USD trong 1 ngày.
Thiết kế concept.
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Thiết kế concept.
100 USD trong 10 ngày.
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