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    Urgent, deadline is Friday 21st of March 23:59 UTC Flombi is the young hero of a computer game. Whilst completing his quest, he is jumping across horizontal platforms to find clues to the mystery he is bound to solve. His task is not easy as his enemies could attack him any time! Flombi managed to find a way to protect himself while he is standing on a platform, but is still vulnerable when ...

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    I have an Android app, which collects Data from a Bluetooth connection. This data is shown on the screen of the Android (Cyanogen Mod) device. The Job for you is: to send some of this data (Voltage, temperature and current of multiple measuring points) to my webpage by just calling the url with the specific variables: [đăng nhập để xem URL] For debugging-information: The data is saved h...

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    PASCAL to VB6 conversion Đã kết thúc left

    I want to convert PASCAL code to VB6. If conversion to VB6 is not possible, I will consider converting into C or C++. Broadcast message 11/9 Here is the code that needs to be converted. Thanks. Program NonemtyCores Const maxu=2; maxv=2; maxnum=100000; type arraytype=array[1..maxu,1..maxv] of real; var w1,w2:arraytype; loop,cores:longint; vN:real; maxi1,maxj1,ma...

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