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    I need an experienced IT expert to install SQL Server 2019 and the Landmark Compass software on a Windows Server 2019 based system. Key Responsibilities: - Install SQL Server 2019 on Windows Server 2019 - Setup Landmark Compass on the same server Key Skills: - Familiarity with Windows Server 2019 operations and configurations - Extensive experience in SQL Server 2019 installation and setup - Working knowledge of Landmark Compass software The ideal freelancer should have a proven track record of managing and adjusting settings in Windows Server 2019 and a firm understanding of SQL Server 2019 installation. Your role is primarily installation and setup, so no coding or SQL development is involved.

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    I am looking for a talented designer to create a logo for my Travel company mainly focused on Mountain Expeditions. The ideal candidate will have experience in ...have experience in creating minimalistic logos and a strong understanding of color theory. Key requirements: - The logo should include minimum colors and should look good in black and white as well - The style of the logo should be minimalistic. - The logo should include a compass. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proven experience in creating minimalistic logos. - Proficiency in color theory, especially in working with the colors green, black and white. - A keen eye for design, able to incorporate a compass seamlessly into the logo. Please submit your portfolio with your bid. I look forward to seein...

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    Trophy icon Spiritually-Motivated Self-Help Book & Journal Đã kết thúc left

    ...foundation, the rock on which we stand. We hope that these Trap Bible Stories show that life is more than just surviving; it's about thriving with purpose and passion. We're here to empower, to uplift, and to transform the thinking that the Bible is too hard to understand. "Trap Bible Stories" is your guide through the concrete jungle, shining a light on the crossroads of life and offering a compass for the journey ahead. So, buckle up and get ready for a ride through the scriptures like you've never experienced before. It's time to elevate your understanding, hunger for scriptures and your motivate each other in wisdom. Welcome to "Trap Bible Stories." Index: Trap Bible Volume I. 2024 Chapter 1. Who do you say I am?! (Matthew 16) Chapte...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    5 bài tham dự

    ...share samples of your previous work that demonstrate your writing prowess and knowledge in this area. Assignment We are all shaped by our past, including our upbringing. We often make decisions based on guidelines, rules, or a specific worldview that acts a frame of reference that helps us judge right from wrong. In this assignment, you will write a 2- to 3-page paper describing your own moral compass. Address the following points: How are values, morals, and ethics defined? Explain how they are different and similar, using examples to illustrate. What personal, cultural, and spiritual values and morals do you hold? Are some more important than others to you? Explain how these contribute to your personal worldview. How do your values and morals contribute to your philosophy ...

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    I am in need of a talented graphic designer who can bring to life the name of our boat, "Redneck Rosy", through a captivating and stylish logo. The design should be well-coordinated with a color scheme of red, white and blue, reflecting the nautical theme. Unleash your creativity with the incorporation of the following elements: - An anchor - A steering wheel - A compass - A hook, specifically at the end of the 'y' in Rosy - A marine rose Whether you veer towards simplicity or want to explore a more intricate design, I am open to all artistic directions. In your bid, please demonstrate a proven ability to create distinctive, highly attractive logos. Experience with nautical-themed designs would be a significant advantage.

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    I'm looking for an experienced mobile app developer to create a marine GPS app that caters primarily to fishing enthusiasts. Key Features: - Nautical fishing charts: Display detailed, interactive charts that users can rely on during their fishing trips. - Comprehensive Compass with Satellite Fishing Tide data: The app should incorporate a feature that shows tidal information via a compass interface. Ideal skills for the job would be: - Proven experience in developing GPS-based mobile apps. - Knowledge about marine navigation and fishing charts. - Expertise in creating user-friendly and engaging UI/UX. Overall, I require someone who can seamlessly integrate these fishing-centric features into a reliable, easy-to-use app.

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    I'm looking for an innovative logo designer to create a modern logo for an immigration law firm. This important branding element should incorporate the following: - Two Main Colors: The color scheme of the logo should be a tasteful combination of dark gray and turquoise. - Required Symbols: The logo design needs to creatively incorporate a world and compass to reflect our wide-ranging immigration services. I'm excited to work with someone who has a natural affinity for making meaningful connections between elements. The ideal candidate should have skills and experience in modern logo design, color theory, and symbolic representation. Your portfolio showcasing related projects would be a plus. Let's create an engaging visual identity together. The name of the comp...

    $76 (Avg Bid)
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    ...the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity, versatility, and prowess in building a ship from scratch - be it an e-commerce vessel, a blog raft, or a portfolio yacht. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in a wide array of web development projects - Comfortable in dealing with undefined requirements and situations - Excellent in proposing innovative and practical ideas Your compass is your past work and experiences. To conquer this quest, you must employ all your skills, creativity, and experiences to navigate through: - User registration and login functionalities - Online payment integrations - Search functionalities Your treasure is your detailed project proposal that includes your ideas, strategies, and execution plans. Your map is your experience a...

    $417 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Compass Poster Đã kết thúc left

    I am looking to recreate this document so that it can be displayed as a poster. I want it recreated with a different picture as the backgro0und. I would like it to exist without the answers. So just say I am, who is, ect. I would like a REAL high def picture of a cool looking compass as the background. No white background. Something masculine.

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    74 bài tham dự

    I require a specialized Arduino programmer with expertise in aviation based projects. My project entails constructing standalone instruments and combined systems for aviation purposes. The key components include: - Altimeter - Airspeed Indicator - Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) - Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) - Vertical Speed Indicator - Digital Compass - Turn Coordinator - Intercom The ideal candidate will have significant experience programming Arduino for complex tasks, specifically in aviation. A deep understanding of aviation mechanisms, particularly in the context of Arduino programming, is vital. Your role is to thrust these components to a fully functioning system, so the ability to seamlessly integrate them is crucial. Applicants with a proven t...

    $27 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    34 lượt đặt giá

    ...unique logo for my website NearVista.com. The key aspects it should denote include: I can certainly suggest an idea for a logo concept, Here's an idea: Logo Concept: "The Compass Rose" Consider incorporating a stylized compass rose into logo design. The compass rose symbolizes exploration, navigation, and discovery – all key elements that align with 's mission of providing detailed insights about local places. Elements: Compass Rose: The central focus could be a well-designed compass rose, representing direction and exploration. Map Details: Integrate subtle map elements or location markers within the compass points, highlighting the local aspect of your platform. Cohesive Colors: Choose a color palette that refl...

    $13 (Avg Bid)
    $13 Giá đặt trung bình
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    Trophy icon Modern Logo Creation Needed Đã kết thúc left

    Description: We are looking for a talented and creative designer to create a modern and distinctive logo for our company, "Compass Creative Agency." The logo should incorporate a compass as a element, symbolising our commitment to guiding our clients in the right direction with innovative and creative solutions. Requirements: * Modern and visually appealing design * Inclusion of a compass in the logo * The design should reflect creativity, professionalism, and innovation

    $12 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    236 bài tham dự
    Trophy icon WhiskAway Travel Blogs Logo Creation Đã kết thúc left

    A travel blog platform featuring stories from around the globe. The logo should capture the adventure and storytelling aspect of travel, using imagery like a globe, an open book, or a compass, in bright, inviting colors.

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    137 bài tham dự

    ...designer to create an enticing logo for my fashion label. Expertise in integrating sophisticated symbolism and relevant color schemes is crucial. More specifically: - Utilize the colors metallic blue or black. The choice is yours, as long as the end result is eye-catching and relevant to the fashion industry. - Incorporate two images: one of a dragon consuming its own tail and another of a rose compass. - The design can be classic, modern, or minimalist - I'm open for a surprise! Feel free to use your own discretion to produce a logo that communicates the essence of the brand. Ideal Skills: - Proven graphic design experience with a strong portfolio. - Ability to communicate visually and understanding of color theory. - Attention to detail. - Creative thinking and problem-...

    $43 (Avg Bid)
    $43 Giá đặt trung bình
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    Trophy icon Modern Logo Creation Đã kết thúc left

    I'm seeking a skilled designer to create a modern style logo for my business. The tone of the new logo needs to be soft and muted, palm-off a sense of professionalism to the viewer. Key Tasks: I would like the logo to be very similar to the logo i have attached below. The company name is Compass Services FSJ Ltd and it is a trucking company

    $141 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm Cuộc thi hàng đầu
    423 bài tham dự

    I'm looking for a talented 3D designer who can digitally render Freemason symbols, specifically the Square and Compass, to be used for 3D printing. Key requirements: - Ability to render three different versions of the Square and Compass for each of the Freemason degrees: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason. - The designs must be suitable for 3D printing. Please consider the material restrictions and detail preservation in your design. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in 3D modeling software. - Experience in designing 3D objects for printing. - Understanding of Freemason symbols would be a bonus. Please note: There are no specific dimensions or size requirements, but the designs should be scalable to a variety of sizes while maintaining det...

    $126 (Avg Bid)
    $126 Giá đặt trung bình
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    Trophy icon Creative Logo Designer Needed Đã kết thúc left

    Need a logo for a Real Estate Company. Company name is North State Realty. "North" and "State" should be on the same line. Design should have elements of a compass pointing North. AND/OR an outline of the map of the American state of North Carolina. ("North State" is a pseudonym or slang name for North Carolina.) Files should be delivered in Coreldraw compatible format and include font source file.

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
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    Trophy icon Tshirts Heat pressed Đã kết thúc left

    I need to make 20 Tshirts designs with Viking theme and the Runes meaning text also. vector file AEGISHJALMUR= Helm of Awe - Warrior Rune keeps you safe in battle. First Logo of AEGISHJALMUR then ...you safe in battle. First Logo of AEGISHJALMUR then written under AEGISHJALMUR and under that meaning of The rune. TROLL CROSS = Logo, name, meaning = amulet to ward off malevolent magic - Protection VALKNUT= Logo, name, meaing= 9 points of noble virtues - Honor, Courage, Perseverance, Fidelity, Self-Reliance, Industriousness, Truth, Hospitality & Discipline) VEGVISIR = logo, name, meaning = Compass rune, Magical symbol used to prevent you from losing your way and 16 designs of viking thirts with your creativity. We can award up to 5 projects. Possibility for more work for pr...

    $217 (Avg Bid)
    Nổi bật Bảo đảm Cuộc thi hàng đầu
    224 bài tham dự
    Trophy icon Undefined Zenith Peak Hiking Gear Đã kết thúc left

    This project involves the designing and branding of Zenith Peak Hiking Gear. The specific products or categories are not defined, and it would ...bring in your ideas. I would also require your thoughts on the best approach to targeting a suitable audience. And, finally, I would appreciate creative suggestions about the colour scheme or design elements for branding. Skilled designers familiar with Brief: Specializes in high-quality hiking and outdoor equipment. The logo should convey adventure and reliability, featuring a mountain peak or a compass, with bold colors like dark blues and greens. hiking gear will be ideal for this challenge. - Bring in ideas on hiking gear products - Suggest ways to capture suitable target audience - Propose a unique colour scheme or desig...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    47 bài tham dự

    I am interested in gaining a deeper und...understanding of commercial CCTV systems out of personal curiosity. This project should be treated with utmost professionalism and undertaken with ethical considerations in mind. The primary requirements are: - Extensive experience in CCTV systems, notably commercial ones. - Excellent skills in identifying vulnerabilities and devising ways of exploring them without incurring damages. - A strong moral compass. This project is for educational purposes only and should not harm or infringe on any entity's privacy. The project needs to be delivered ASAP, exact details shall be discussed later. Strict adherence to legality and ethical guidelines is a must. Please note: This project is to be handled as an exploratory exercise, not for ma...

    $66 (Avg Bid)
    $66 Giá đặt trung bình
    13 lượt đặt giá

    ...owner, I'm in need of a unique and attractive logo that encapsulates the essence of seafaring life. It should prominently feature the boat's name, with a clever integration of the compass symbol for that quintessential nautical charm. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in creating visually compelling graphics - Proficiency with design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop - Strong understanding of nautical themes and symbols - Excellent typographic skills Specific Requirements: - The logo should embody a nautical style - It should feature a combination of text (the boat's name) and a graphic element. - A compass symbol must be creatively included in the design. Previous experience in nautical design is a plus. I look forward to collaborating with you...

    $67 (Avg Bid)
    $67 Giá đặt trung bình
    62 lượt đặt giá

    ...designer's choices. - Adjusting the font: I didn't specify a desired font type, so here again, I am opening up to the creative font suggestions from the designer. We can collaborate to make the final decision. - Simplifying the design: We can discuss this based on the designer's perspective. The logo is of a career counseling company, so it contains name and slogan as well. The the logo looks like a compass and the 4 part of the circle is human. Require realignment of size as well to look more appealing and color changes to look more appealing and which goes with all backgrounds. Strong Adobe Illustrator or similar graphic design software skills are necessary, and an eye for font and color aesthetics is crucial. Prior experience in logo design is preferred. Le...

    $12 (Avg Bid)
    $12 Giá đặt trung bình
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    Advanced GPS: Fusion of Sensors Đã kết thúc left

    I am seeking a talented and knowledgeable individual to incorporate accelerometer, gyro, and compass fusion into a GPS receiver. The primary goal of this upgrade is to improve the motion detection capabilities of our current GPS system. I strongly prefer someone with relevant experience in electronics, engineering, sensor fusion technology and GPS technology. This is for identifying precise location within sampling pulse of GPS. Lastly, while this project does not have a strict deadline, it's essential that the candidate follows an organized and efficient workflow. Skills & Expertise Required: - Sensor fusion Technology - Electronics - Engineering - GPS Technology - Proficiency with different types of acceleration data is a plus.

    $201 (Avg Bid)
    $201 Giá đặt trung bình
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    Trophy icon Design me a logo - 23/02/2024 12:40 EST Đã kết thúc left

    Hello,i need a logo for "NaturGeheimnis" here is an idea how it can look: Colors: A palette of earth tones (shades of green, brown, blue for water) combined with vibrant colors for animal depictions (e.g. bright ...Combination of several animal silhouettes - for example a bird, a fish, and a mammal - that together form a unique image. These could be arranged around a planet Earth or form a mysterious path leading into the unknown. Font: A clear, easy-to-read font for the channel name “NaturGeheimnis”, perhaps with a slightly playful touch to convey creativity and the joy of discovery. Mysterious elements: A compass or binoculars symbolizing discovery and adventure, integrated into the design or next to the animal silhouettes to symbolize the journey into the ...

    $10 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    106 bài tham dự

    ...traditional artist who can create branding artwork for my antiques business. This task is centred around creating art pieces that embody the timeless and tasteful aesthetic that is core to my business. We are starting a Online antique marketplace and we want to honor our past kitty 'Streak' in the logo we want her on an antique desk or dresser with a off centered mirror and other objects on the desk compass or globe or books etc. we want gold in the art an logo like framing or piping the rest black and white with shades of gold in the objects. streak of course black and white. Not super realistic but not silhouette either. Key details: - Style: The art needs to follow a traditional approach, reflecting our array of carefully collected antiques. - Purpose: The foc...

    $286 (Avg Bid)
    $286 Giá đặt trung bình
    57 lượt đặt giá

    I'm searching for an artistic and skilled freelancer to craft a 30 seconds...Experience in creating engaging and effective promotional content - Knowledge of Instagram platform and its audience - Ability to incorporate product features engagingly - Previous experience in product promo reel creation is a bonus. Duties: - Get inspired from our instagram account - Using screen records of our app : - Sourcing and editing real-life footage - Creating an engaging storyline - Aligning video narrative with our product's core features - Optimizing video for high engagement on Instagram Reels. Please share your previous related works in your bid. I look forward to collaborating with you on this exciting project.

    $102 (Avg Bid)
    $102 Giá đặt trung bình
    54 lượt đặt giá

    More details: What style of logo design do you prefer for your lifestyle fitness brand? Minimalist Would you like the logo to be text-based, icon-based, or a combination of both? Combination of both For the icon part of the logo, what imagery do you find most appealing? Mountain peaks

    $200 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    518 bài tham dự

    1. Logo Design: A professional logo in different styles and formats (PNG, JPEG, vector), in 3 logo variations: Primary, Secondary & Submark to be used all digital a...items of content to use for social media, such as a cover photo, profile image, Instagram highlight icon, etc. Current logo formats attached. We're looking for a similar set of deliverables for the new logo. Company website: a. What elements from the current logo design would you like to incorporate into the new logo design? The concept of a compass and a red color. b. How would you like the concept of a compass to be incorporated into the new logo design? no current preference, interested to see what you design c. Do you have any specific preferences or ideas for the new logo design? Open to creati...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    Nổi bật Bảo đảm
    354 bài tham dự

    ...elevate my compass app, which offers features such as precise direction, current location display, compass readings, and maps, to the top on Google Play Store globally. The app is designed in a simple and minimalistic style. Your focus will be on achieving and maintaining high rankings in all countries. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in App Store Optimization (ASO) - Knowledge of global app ranking strategies - Strong understanding of Google play algorithm Tasks Include: - Improve app visibility across all target countries - SEO, keyword research, and optimization - Develop and implement a sustainable ranking strategy Please apply if you have successfully completed similar projects. I'm excited to work with you to achieve a top ranking for my compass ap...

    $222 (Avg Bid)
    $222 Giá đặt trung bình
    9 lượt đặt giá
    Trophy icon Innovative Modern Logo Design Đã kết thúc left

    I'm in need of an experienced graphic designer to create a unique and innovative logo for my company, Catalyst Services LLC. The logo should embody the principles of Sparking Ideas, Accelerating Growth, Igniting Action. Attached is an AI generated Logo that I created. I like the Light Bulb to represent Idea generation, the compass to represent helping companies find their way, the up arrow to show helping companies elevate. I find the arrow to be too obvious and would like a more subtle arrow but I am also open to completely new ideas as long as they encompass these principles. This must be a vector Image. Check out my ratings to get an idea of what I like as more entries come in! **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop - Strong portfol...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    201 bài tham dự

    Scrape Compass Website and compile a list of all agents in the provide cities. I need the following: First Name / Last Name /Email / Phone

    $265 (Avg Bid)
    $265 Giá đặt trung bình
    1 lượt đặt giá

    More details: What specific social media platforms would you like the graphics to be designed for? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter What is the main goal or purpose of the graphics for your charity's social media platforms? Increase brand awareness, Promote events/ fundraisers What is the overall tone or style you would like the graphics to have? Playful Each week, Career Compass will guide you through the maze of the job market with empowering content tailored to inspire and inform. Our mission is to elevate your job search and career development journey, offering a beacon of hope and actionable advice to those in need. Here's what you can expect: Motivation Mondays: Start your week on a high note with stories of triumph and perseverance. Real-life success stories from ind...

    $1092 (Avg Bid)
    $1092 Giá đặt trung bình
    57 lượt đặt giá
    Dynamic Real Estate Assistant Đã kết thúc left

    ...the preparation of PowerPoint presentations for offline seminars. -Managing marketing tasks, specifically focusing on Google My Business. - Undertake active client communication, ensuring all inquiries and follow-ups are handled promptly and professionally. - Execute effective email campaigns to nurture leads and maintain engagement with our client base. - Maintain and input relevant data into COMPASS CRM, ensuring accuracy and accessibility of information. **Weekly Hours:** - The role requires a commitment of 10-20 hours per week. **Key Skills and Experience:** -Mandarin and Chinese speaking and fluent in English - comfortable adapting to new software as needed. - Strong background in real estate, with a deep understanding of market trends and property valuation. - Excellent c...

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr Giá đặt trung bình
    36 lượt đặt giá

    I am currently leveraging FacturaScripts for my company's billing and accounting operations but am aiming to transition to Odoo. My primary objective for this migration is to elevate the system's functionality to better support our operational needs. Despite the compass of this project expanding across various potential modules, the focus will remain on the must-haves given our current reliance on FacturaScripts. **Key Requirements:** - **Migration Expertise:** Proven experience in successfully migrating from FacturaScripts to Odoo, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to daily operations. - **System Functionality Improvement:** Deep understanding of both FacturaScripts and Odoo to recommend and implement improvements in system functionality. - **Module ...

    $21 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $21 / hr Giá đặt trung bình
    52 lượt đặt giá
    Trophy icon Captivating Cool-Hued Illustration Đã kết thúc left

    I'm in search of a skilled designer to bring my book's cover to life with an eye-catching illustration that radiates with cool shades of blues, greens, and purples. I want it to stand out, but I'm a bit stumped on the exact imagery. I feel like the compass is too cliché. I'm leaning towards abstract, but I want your creative flare to shine! I am looking for ideas. Such as building something. Creating something. The present cover is attached. I am not married to the colors. The name and tag lines are good. - Preferred Style: Illustrative artwork - Color Palette: Cool hues, with an emphasis on blues, greens, purples - Imagery: Open to creative, unique ideas; No compasses, please! Ideal Candidate Should Have: - Proven experience in illustrative desi...

    $150 (Avg Bid)
    Nổi bật Gấp Bảo đảm Niêm phong
    110 bài tham dự

    I am looking for a talented graphic designer to develop a minimalistic logo for my business. The core colors I have chosen are black and white, thus, your design should effectively leverage these colors. While I am unsure about sp...design should effectively leverage these colors. While I am unsure about specific symbols or icons at the moment, I appreciate your creative input in this aspect. Ideal Candidate: - Expertise in creating minimalistic logos for small business (Gym) - Excellent use of black and white in design - Ability to suggest and incorporate appropriate icons or symbols (incorporation of some "Northern Aspect" compass, northern star) Your understanding of these specifications is crucial to realizing my vision for my business logo. Looking forward to seein...

    $64 (Avg Bid)
    $64 Giá đặt trung bình
    55 lượt đặt giá

    ...marketplace focusing on Turkic countries, invites creative designers to participate in our logo design contest. Our brand is deeply rooted in the rich history of the Silk Road and Turkish heritage, and we're looking for a logo that embodies this spirit. What We're Seeking: Theme and Elements: The logo should include abstract representations of Turkish motifs or elements like a horse, globe, compass, Turkish motif, pathway/road, and wheel/cartwheel. These elements should symbolize the journey and connections across cultures, echoing the trade history and the Silk Road. The design can be abstract, allowing for the creativity of the designer to shine through in representing these themes. Style: We're looking for a minimalistic and simplistic design that captures ou...

    $300 (Avg Bid)
    Nổi bật Bảo đảm NDA
    2194 bài tham dự
    Boost Compass App - Android ASO Đã kết thúc left

    I'...searching for an App Store Optimization (ASO) specialist to elevate my Android-based compass application. My primary objectives are: - Propel search rankings to the top. - Surge in app downloads globally. - Amplify user engagement and retention. Ideally, you should have a proven track record with: - ASO techniques specifically for Android apps, including keyword optimization and conversion rate improvement. - Analytical skills to track changes in app performance. - Creative mindset for crafting compelling metadata and visuals. Time is of the essence; I'm looking to achieve these goals as quickly as possible. Please outline your approach, including any tools you'll use and report samples of past work. Compass APP

    $240 (Avg Bid)
    $240 Giá đặt trung bình
    12 lượt đặt giá

    ...experienced SEO specialist to optimize the online presence of our website, and improve its ranking on Google. Project Overview: We are seeking a talented freelancer who can implement effective SEO strategies to enhance our website's visibility and attract more organic traffic. The goal is to improve our Google ranking and increase the overall online presence of Digital Compass Pro. Key Responsibilities: Keyword Research: Conduct thorough keyword research to identify relevant and high-performing keywords for our industry. On-Page Optimization: Implement on-page SEO techniques, including optimizing meta tags, headers, and content for targeted keywords. Off-Page Optimization: Develop a comprehensive off-page SEO strategy, including link building, social media engagement

    $77 (Avg Bid)
    $77 Giá đặt trung bình
    45 lượt đặt giá
    Trophy icon Adventurous Kids TV Show Logo Đã kết thúc left

    ...this audience while resonating with the spirit of adventure. The title of the show is: Adventures with Iggy and Mr. Kirk We would like you to focus on the text and fonts for this logo. We want them to be engaging and pop-out in a 3D like way with some fun texture. The font for Adventure, and Iggy and Mr. Kirk can all be different. We want the show to be epic. Please do not focus on the compass or compass rose, we are really looking for text layout and design here. I have attached photos that show inspiration, as well as where we have started, but we do want you to have fun with it, please do not follow the fonts or colors we currently have. Go with what you think is best. The show is set inside a treehouse and has two main characters, Iggy the Iguana who is a fun-lov...

    $108 (Avg Bid)
    Bảo đảm
    291 bài tham dự
    Maritime Themed Logo Creation Đã kết thúc left

    I'm in need of a creative and talented graphic designer to conjure up a logo for a fishing charter company. The successful candidate should incorporate the following elements into the design: - Fish - Boat - Nautical compass Creative input is welcomed as certain aspects have been left open, like color scheme and style. Talents in various design styles would be an asset. Solid experience in logo design is essential to ensure a visually compelling and distinct representation of my business.

    $303 (Avg Bid)
    $303 Giá đặt trung bình
    53 lượt đặt giá

    I'm seeking a knowledgeable developer with expertise in MERN Stack who can add a few features to my existing project. Specifically, I need a user authentication functionality established through a basic registration method. The user registration should collect the following data: - Full Name - Email - Password All user data should be stored in MongoDB Compass, and password security in plain text is acceptable. Mastery in Node.js, MongoDB and experience in user authentication processes is expected. The project relies on the safe and successful integration of these features, your expertise can help achieve that. Looking forward to your proposals.

    $101 (Avg Bid)
    $101 Giá đặt trung bình
    122 lượt đặt giá

    Looking for someone to design a logo for me. Elements of Jade (stone) and a Compass. Asian inspired. Life Coaching business Need to incorporate a tagline - "Find your True North"

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 Giá đặt trung bình
    72 lượt đặt giá
    business logo Đã kết thúc left

    I am looking for a professional graphic designer with significant experience in m...principles are ideal. - The logo should highlight a symbol related to the business, so creativity and the ability to generate meaningful symbols are crucial. Offering this project to experts with a strong portfolio that demonstrates their ability to meet the above requirements. Communication and regular update on project progress are essential components of this role. - i like the idea of a compass rose as the outside with points on the N,S,E,W but maybe square edge gear teeth for the in between points. Some sort of water design in the centre with a modern simple lines boat coming out of the centre on a slight angle. I would like the boat to be a sportfishing style with a tower. see attached pics f...

    $48 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a skilled designer to create a custom compass and cross design for a compass 3D mock-up. The design will be used for personal use and I have specific elements that I would like incorporated. It doesn’t have to be perfectly 3-D it’s just a mock up. Does not need to be perfect for online use, but needs to be illustrated to the T. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong graphic design skills - Experience in creating custom designs - Ability to work with 3D mock-ups - Creativity and attention to detail

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    I'm seeking an experienced graphic designer to create a logo for my small startup travel agency. This logo needs to reflect the spirit of a...expertise should include: - Logo design and branding - Creating visual concepts that captivate audiences Key components of the project: - Incorporation of motifs related to Caribbean beaches, suitable for US based customers. - A color scheme with focus on different shades of pinks and purples, aiming for a feminine appeal. - An iconic symbol that aligns with the theme of exploration (like a compass, map, or any creative representation of travel). This project requires creativity and an ability to translate the concept of adventure, wanderlust, and exploration into a visually appealing and recognizable brand. I look forward to your inno...

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